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No description

Corrinne S.

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Products

Dunkin Donuts!
Company Status and Info
Ticker Symbol- DNKN
CEO- Nigel Travis
Market- Nasdaq
Dividends- 1.60%; no splits
52 week range- $30.05 - $49.40
Closing 11/19/13 - $47.45
Current Status- bearish
Others :)
Biggest Competitor - Starbucks & Yum Brands
Take Over: Former Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and former player Troy Aikman have taken over the franchise
Dunkin Donuts mobile app available on App Store or Google Play Store
New Products
Spicy Smoked Sausage breakfast sandwich
Dunkin Donuts applied for a trademark on "Bagel Bunchkins", the bagel version of Munchkins
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Holiday Ice Cream Cake
Current Events
Catering to China with Pork Donuts
New storefront in Atlanta, Georgia
new "C is for Coffee" t-shirts
Interesting Facts :)
China- Rose Latte, Brown Sugar Latte, Mango Coolatta, Seaweed and Dried Pork Donut
Donuts- glazed, cocoa, apple crumb, jelly-filled, kreme-filled, chocolate paired with many flavors
Munchkins- powdered sugar, glazed, chocolate, pumpkin, red velvet
Cookies- triple chocolate chunk
Muffins- blueberry, coffee cake, corn, chocolate chip, pumpkin
Other.... hash browns, bagels, other bakery, beverages
Foreign Products
it began in 1949 when William Rosenberg opened the first "Kettle Donuts"
they renamed it Dunkin Donuts in 1950
the 3,000th store opened in 1992
Munchkins were introduced in 1972
Dunkin Donuts went public July 2011
Dunkin Donuts coffee used to sell for 10 cents a cup
1.7 billion cups of DD coffee are sold globally every year
30 cups of coffee are sold every second
there is a donuts for every country where DD is represented
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