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Events Extra

No description

Aga O

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Events Extra

* to raise money and awareness for the ClicSargent charity by holding a successful fundraising event

Event outline
The event we are proposing is a Festival themed music event. The event will be a one night festival bringing the outdoors in. Music will play a key role in the event and the festival theme fits appropriately with this style of event.
We have chosen the festival theme in order to give our music event a unique appeal.
To give the venue an outdoor feel we are planning to add festival themed decor such as artwork, flyers and table decorations. Chairs will be replaced with camping chairs and big festival signs will lead to areas such as the bar and toilet. Glow sticks and flowers will cover the tables and help to add to the festival atmosphere
We will be selling tickets for the event prior to and on the night. Tickets will also follow the festival theme and will include:
* entry, snacks and live music
(may also include free entry for over 18 to Underground club for after party)
Possible venue
and acts
* Underground Club
*local bands
*young local DJ
Logan Muir
(number of bands performing not confirmed yet)
Health and safety
If over 18s bar area is applicable - Security such as wristbands and ID checks will take place.
Equipment Checks
Bag checks on entry
First aider on site
Tickets will be used to monitor footfall.

starting with no budget
using most of our resources from our contacts
trying to get sponsors to lower the costs (sponsorship is not confirmed
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