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Physics "Phun" on the Ipad!

No description

Kathy Cloud

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Physics "Phun" on the Ipad!

Why Study Physics? The most basic of the sciences, physics, is all around us every day. Math is the language we use to uderstand many physics concepts. Accuracy & Precision Accuracy is how close the average value is to the accepted value Precision is how close values are to each other.
Which is more precise?
Set A   Set B
15.32 32.56
15.37 32.55
15.33 32.48
15.38 32.53
15.35 32.55

Prefixes: gram
Kilo Hecto Deka meter deci centi milli

SI System Significant Digits represent the valid digits of a number 453 kg
5075 L
3.00 m
0.006 km DERIVED Units Combination of base units The factor-label method is a means by which one can logically change from one set of units to another. 

   Ex. Convert 29.8 m/s to km/hr If v is in m/s, a is in m/s2, d is in m, and t is in seconds, identify which equations are DIMENSIONALLY correct?
V= dt
V2 = v2 + da
D = vt + at2
V = v + at
a = v/t

Units Tell the story! GRAPHING Ranking varies directly with hours Distance varies directly with time squared Price varies inversely with quantity HOW MANY SIG FIGS? "I think physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race. They never grow up and they keep their curiosity.”
Isidor Isaac Rabi
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