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sweet home Nevada

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of sweet home Nevada

by trey harris

Resources and Economic
Farmers grow hay and a leading crop in the state. In las veges alone their are around 40 million Visters each year.Nevada is still the leading producer
of gold in unite states.Tourists is also go to recreation areas.
Capital carson city
state abevation NV
Governer Brian sand
U.S Representatives 42
U.S senters 2/dean heller/harry Reid


Nevada is the 7 smallest state with a area of 110,567 square miles.The largest
regin in Nevada is the Great basin. Nevada is shaped like a larger bowl and made of desert and valleys.Nevada also includes a small part of the sffierra-cascade province.
Some of the first people to occupy.
Nevada dry climates witch made it different parts .Nevada is raised by crops.
Nevada spent most of the time searching for food.
Fun facts
Maps of Nevada
state nick name is the silver state.
state grass is indian rice grass.
state flower sage brush.
state bird is the mountain blue bird.
state park is stoner park.
state lack is flower lack.
Nevada is by las veges.
more then 150 couples get marred in las veges each day.
Nevada is called the sagebrush state silver state battle born
state.las veges is about 60,00 pounds a day.

Carson city to las veges is 424 miles,las veges to hoover dam is 31.8 miles,Hoover dam to gold point is 216 miles,gold point Nevada to red rock canyon conservation area is 195 miles,red rock canyon conservation area to WCE is 782 miles.
History, sierra nevada collage opened its doors in the fall of 1969 with 23 students. sierra nevada collage is approved to offer teacher education
programes by the nevada
sierra nevada collage bylaws were last updated
december 12, 2011.
with the most recent latter on file and dated june 17, 1971.


crason city
las veges
hoover dam
gold point nevada
political:crason city
Economy:las veges because its lots of roller coasters.
geographic:hoover dam i pick this becouse building the dam influence
geographic the area.

Historic:gold point Nevada i pick this because it was very ghostie thair .
fun or interesting facts:red rock canyon nation conservation i pick this because is in las veges and i love las veges.
red rock canyon

westerly creek elementary
silver state
indian rice grass
sage bush
mountain blue bird
hoover dam
stoner park
road map
geographic map
political map
weather map
brian sand
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