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2.03 The Crusades World History FLVS

2.03 World History Assessment

Becca Reed

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of 2.03 The Crusades World History FLVS

2.03 The Crusades
The First Crusade
"It all started with the leader Godfrey of Bouillon. They started at Constantinople and marched through land that was held by the Seljuk Turks to Antioch. During there march Godfrey's brother who was named Baldwin set up the first Crusaders State at Edessa."
The Second Crusade
"This crusade was led by King Louis VII of France and Emperor Conrad III of Germany. They were leading their armies to the holy land.
The Third Crusade
"The Turkic ruler Saladin rose to lead the Seljuks and succeeded in uniting the split Muslim armies of Southwest Asia and North Africa. Europe launched another crusade when Saladin’s forces took Jerusalem. Frederick Barbarossa of Germany, King Phillip II of France, and King Richard I, all came forward for the other crusade."
The Fourth Crusade
In 1198, Pope Innocent III called for a new Crusade. During this there was a failed attempt to rouse any monarchs. This crusade was led by mostly French knights.
The Final Crusades
The fifth crusade was led by King Andrew II of Hungary, went first to the Holy Land and then voyaged to Egypt, but failed. The sixth crusade was led by Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire, because he wasn't pleased with how the last outcome was. The sixth crusade was a success in which succeeded in regaining the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1228.
"In August 1098 the crusaders finally reached Jerusalem. Before they reached Jerusalem they captured Antioch. That capture wasn't simple, there was a lot of disagreements with rule of Antioch which caused them to split their forces and it slowed down processes"
"On Godfrey’s death, Baldwin left Edessa and became the first king of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. A lot of survivors the voyage returned home."
"Unlike last time the Crusaders didn't have their focused on Edessa they had it on Damascus. Unfortuantly their poorly organized attack resulted in failure."
Only King Richard I, remained to lead the Christian armies. Frederick Barbarossa died in the midst of the crusade, and Phillip returned to Europe after the capture of Acre in 1191. Richard managed a lot of campaigns against Jerusalem.
They were set out for the Holy Land in 1202 only to be sidetracked by Venetian lords. The Venetian lord convinced them to capture the wealth and splendor of Eastern Orthodox. The best accomplishment during this crusade was that they were weakening the Byzantines.
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