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No description

Rachel Vallance

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Burlesque

Gypsy Rose Lee, (1943)
The Psychology of a Burlesque dancer
Burlesque on Stage
Imogen Kelly - Let Them Eat Cake
Burlesque on Screen
Popular Dance
Stage and screen
History of Burlesque
'Burla' Hanna, 1998
Lydia Thompson, The British Blondes
1890's, lowest form of art
Early twentieth century, "Female sexual display that was essential and crude" (Shteir, 2004)
Neo-Burlesque 1990's
"calls attention to its heritage but comments upon its political position" (Dodds, 2007)
Focus points
Define terms and main scholars
The history of burlesque
Burlesque on stage
Burlesque on screen
Overall conclusion
Burlesque on stage and screen
Theresa Buckland,
"Dance, Authenticity, and Cultural Memory: the Politics of Embodiment" 2001
S Dodds,
"Dance on Screen",
"Dancing on the Canon: Embodiments of value"
Allen in Dodds, 1991
"Naughty But Nice"
Typical factors
Live performance art
No fourth wall
Visual presentation
Archetypes and stereotypes
Social comment
Dita Von Teese, 2010
"Burlesque is a performance that uses movement and characterisation to hold a mirror up to society and open its conventions up to ridicule" Tempest Rose, 2013
Classy, witty
Emphasis on tease
Audience interaction
Typical Burlesque Moves
The Bump
The Grind
Shoulder Shimmy
Bottom Shimmy
"Thought it was good fun and captured the spirit of being at a burly venue, but what was shown on stage was not actually Burlesque"
Tempest Rose, 2014
Abbott, K (2010)
American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare, The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee.
United States of America: Random House Publishing Group
Allen, R (1991)
Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque And American Culture
. United States of America: University of North Carolina Press
ainfean, (2007)
Liza Minnelli - Mein Herr
[Online Video] Last Accessed 26th Jan 2014
Baldwin, M (2004)
Burlesque and the New Bump and Grind
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Dancing on the Canon: Embodiments of Value in Popular Dance
. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 105-135
foxtrot2134 (2010)
Dita Von Teese Burlesque
[Online Video] Last Accessed 26th Jan 2014
Herle, A (2002)
Pacific Art: Persistance, Change, and Meaning.
Australia: Crawford House Publishing
karenabbottdotnet, (2010)
Gypsy Rose Lee Strip Routine
[online video] Last accessed 26th Jan 2014
"The change of camera location and alteration of the performers position completely undermines the spectators' spatial orientation." (Dodds, 2007)
Malnig, J (2009) Introduction in Malnig, J. (ed)
Ballroom, Boogie, Shimmy Sham, Shake: a social and popular dance reader
. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, pp. 1-15
noangel2901 (2011)
Express - Christina Aguilera
[Online Video] Last Accessed 26th Jan 2014
Nestcompany (2011)
Christina Aguilera - Guy What Takes His Time (Burlesque) HD
[Online Video] Last Accessed 26th Jan 2014
Petley, J (2002)
. Shropshire: Hodder Wayland
Robinson, C. (2011).
History of Burlesque
. Available: http://www.bijouxburlesque.co.uk/history-of-burlesque. Last accessed 26th Jan 2014.
Tovey, J. (2009).
Tease Queen
. Available: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2009/02/05/1233423396535.html?page=fullpage. Last accessed 26th Jan 2014.
VirginHolidays1, (2013)
Virgin Holidays Advert 2013
[Online Video] Last Accessed 26th Jan 2014
Bibliography cont.
Burlesque today is less authentic
"you don't see authentic burlesque being done today" (Baldwin, 2002)
Versions today are far from the original
Our research supports this showing from stage to screen
Dita Von Teese
Sexuality and humour
"Is what we see really burlesque?"
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