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ELL / Differentiation Edtech

Edtech that helps ELL students is really differentiation; what helps differentiate for ELL can help all students. Here are some edtech tools to help for both.

Adam Watson

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of ELL / Differentiation Edtech

Thank you for viewing!
Adam Watson
District Technology Integration Coach
Shelby County Schools (KY, USA)
DI: Menu Plan
DI: Timeline
Television Series
Previously On
Today's Episode
Up Next

ELL / Differentiation
Part of the Same Strand

Simple English
Language option (left side) for many major articles
Easily switch back and forth
Don't Forget!
in Event, make multiple quizzes that are differentiated ("Blue Quiz," "Red Quiz," etc.)
QR codes
, including
QR Voice
: type the text, speaks in accent of your choice (may be finicky on our network)
Google Translate
Simplifies difficult English (adjustable scale)
Presentation adjustment (inline rewording, two columns)
Can help teach vocab/definitions
Copy/paste text OR URL for websites
School safe (filters, no ads)
Print (also as activity, cloze sheets)
Bank of classic literature
Site, app (iOS, Android)
Guided module work in multiple language (Ex:Espanol-->English or vice versa)
Track progress with account (XP, badges)
Immersion mode
Formerly Word Lens
iOS, Android, Google Glass app
No network required
New features: speech-to-text with mic, translate images (photo gallery)
Site, iOS/Android apps
Free or Premium $35/year
DI by color coded "webmix"
"Personal Learning Environment" (student-made)
Graphic oriented: no long URLs for students to type
7th Grader's PLE
Save and Publish your LEGO builds using Chrome and Google Maps!
"The Independent Worker"
"The Architect"
"The Dancer"
For Brain Breaks, Transition Stretches, Energizing and Calming
"The Musician"
Listen Dr. Dropbeat Watson's "Shelby Shuffle":
From Angela Minervini's 4/16/14 Tweet:
From Charity Stephens' 1/22/14 Tweet:
Built in non-fiction bank of real-world articles, adapted by staff
Scale Lexile Reading (5 Levels)
Comprehension Quizzes, print article, ad free, sharable URLs
with PRO account, can track individual and class results
For more ELL resources:
(video demonstrating original version of app)
Adam's Google Slides on QR Codes:
(6:53 total;
skip to 3:33)
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