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Artist research Paper

No description

Vriska Serket

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Artist research Paper

Artist Research Paper
Natasha Allegri
Cartoon/ kawaii

"When people ask me how did I get started I have no idea because it was such a fluke and would never happen again in a million years."
Art 1
Robo-bell by Natasha Allegri, an earlier drawing. This piece looks like a manga clip.
, but this art reflects most of her early career.
It also reflects her ideas on the movie Terminator, dated 2003 (If you can't tell the robot is a whale).
Art 2
This art is from Natasha's Adventure Time series. This piece is very kawaii but slightly anime. It reflects the majesty of lord monochromin.
Signature work
This work is the signature artwork of Bee and Puppycat, an animated short that Natasha made. It was made with a pencil and colored on the computer. Kawaii style.
End work
Natasha has no end work because she still makes art that matches slide three.
Compare and Contrast
These two pieces of art are alike in the way colors and space is used. However they are different in the style the one on the top seems "cuter", while the other colorful and interesting.
From this artist I learned about how to make your drawing clean and colorful, also how to get weird ideas.
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