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Family Nursing Care Plan (Part 2)

No description

Rafael Lagahit

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Family Nursing Care Plan (Part 2)

Presented by Group #3 Family Nursing Care Plan (Part 2) Garbage Disposal and Sanitation: Waste baskets are present in the house where trash is placed into. A collector comes at least once a week. Type of Neighborhood: The Llanes family's neighborhood
Is congested.
The houses are in very close proximity to each other.
Most of the houses are made of wooden material.
Most roads are not cemented.
When it rains it floods and there is no proper draininge system. Social and Health Facilites: Basketball court that is no longer than a 5 minute walk from their house.
The Barangay Health Center is available but is far from their home, requiring a "sikad" or "rela". Means of Communication and Transportation: No visible cellular phones, landline, or internet.
The family lives near the main road where hiring a "motorella" or "sikad" is no difficulty. Family Health and Medical History Mrs. Llanes stated that all members of the family are in a good state of health.
Completion of all Immunizations Dictated by the DOH
Refusal to show the Immunization Records
No allergies or serious illnesses except for a case of Dengue:
Her Second Son, Charles Llanes, had a case of Dengue in July of 2012 but has made a full recovery with no other threats of illness.
All of the medical care is recieved from Puntod Health Center.
Mrs. Llanes feels satisfied with the services and care they recive and offerd no complaints.
It should be noted that Mrs. Llanes was very convservative about giving information about her family. Type of Family Structure: A Nuclear Family:
Father, Mother, and four children in one house they are renting.
Mr. Llanes is the decision maker of the family, the sole bread winner, and makes all financial decisions as well. Activites of Daily Living Sleeping Patterns: Everyone sleeps by 9PM each evening.
One bed for the Children
Parents sleep on a "banig" on the floor
On average everyone is up by 6AM each day.
Everyone that is at home for most of the day takes naps in the afternoon, especially the youngest child, Two-Year-Old Nicole Lanes. Eating Patterns: Three Meals Per Day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Rice and Viand are present during meal times
The family looks well fed and healthy as per our observation. Weight: Due to lack of cooperation from Mrs. Llanes, we were only able to get measurements from our first visit only- excluding for the father who was incapacitated at that time. Leisure Activities: Mrs. Llanes stressed that the family enjoys participating in community disco. In addition, they enjoying watching television together as a family. First Level Assessment:

I. Presence of health threats, health deficits, and forseeable crisis/stress points of the family A. Health Threats (only applicable choices from the typology of nursing problems in the family nursing practice are mentioned. •Accident Hazards: There are rotting wood on the kitchen ceiling that might hurt members of the house if it falls. Also, their warehouse in back needs further assessment but Marlyn Llanes, mother, refuses to allows us to view the inside of the warehouse. • Poor Environmental Sanitation:
• Inadequate living space:
They only have one sleep quarters.
• Lack of food storage facilities:
Their refrigerator was not working.
• Presence of breeding places for insects and rodents. Their kitchen was
dark and unclean. They also have a warehouse which is said by the mother to
be messy. •Unsanitary waste disposal:They have a communal toilet facility and there is no bathroom within the household.•Improper drainage system:There is no personal bathroom which proves that there is no septic tank and they take showers outside where they also do laundry without a sink. •Unsanitary food preparation and handling:Their kitchen was very messy and their sink was filled with unwashed dishes and pots.•Air pollution:They live in a congested neighborhood which is near shipping warehouse and there are a lot of container trucks.•Noise pollution:They live in a congested neighborhood with close proximity to the neighbors. They could easily hear the going ons of the community. •Inherent personal characteristicsMarlyn Llanes was not very receptive of our help and she was very short tempered when we did our follow up visit for further questions and implementation of the FNCP. B.HEALTH DEFICITS: There are no perceived health deficits.C.STRESS POINTS AND FORESEEABLE CRISIS SITUATIONS:•Others: The two (2) eldest children, Jomar and Christian Llanes, 18 and 16 years of age, are currently unemployed and not in school. They are also rarely seen at home and are described by their mother as “laagan.” Second Level Assessment II.Inability to recognize the presence of a problem due to:•Economic (cost):The sole breadwinner of the family is the father, Joel LLanes, earns about only P15,000 per month. This is not sufficient for the family’s basic necessities and have a private toilet built. She could also not send her older children through college.•Attitude/Philosophy of Life:Marlyn Llanes, the mother, was not receptive of our help. She did not want us in her with anything because she feels that she can handle it herself and does not require our assistance.
•Low salience of the problem:The mother did not feel that actions needed to be taken immediately. The condition of her kitchen did not change from our first interview to the follow up. It was still messy and unorganized. Also, she did not mention the rotting wood on her ceiling while she mentioned the messiness of her kitchen profusely. Additionally, she did not view the lack of presence and unemployment of her children as issues that need attention
III.Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health actions due to:
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