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Copy of Brain Template

No description

Rumaisa Khan

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Brain Template

MENTAL HEALTH IN NORTH AMERICA no concrete definition
According to Canadian Parliament Mental Health/Illness/Addictions report:

Mental health is defined as the capacity to feel, think and act in ways that enhance one’s ability to enjoy life and deal with challenges.[184]  Expressed differently, mental health refers to various capacities including the ability to: understand oneself and one’s life; relate to other people and respond to one’s environment; experience pleasure and enjoyment; handle stress and withstand discomfort; evaluate challenges and problems; pursue goals and interests; and, explore choices and make decisions. Mental Health: Definition Also referred to as psychiatric disorders

Bipolar disorder
Clinical depression
Eating disorders
Mood disorders
Schizophrenia Mental Illnesses

1.) Mental health in youth is currently a prevalent issue, and is becoming a growing concern Most disabling type of disorder worldwide
10 – 20% of Canadians are victims
2030 – depression will be the # 1 illness in the world
WHO: suicide is the main reason for violent deaths in the world, before war – related deaths A Prevalent Issue People aged 15-24 more likely to suffer from psychological disorders
Become more detrimental as you age
Should be treated in an early stage A Prevalent Issue: Teens

2) The Canadian and North American health care system has not given enough attention to mental health; most people are unable to receive the help they need Only 1 in 5 youth who require medical attention for their mental illness receive it
The amount of people who are at risk of depression between the ages of 12-19 is 3.2 million
The suicide rate in Canada is the third largest in the world
After injuries, mental illnesses are the second most hospital expenditure Health Care Systems Health Care Systems: Canadian Parliament

Merriam Webster definition of prison: a state of confinement of captivity Health Care Systems: Institutions Were a place of torture, abuse, poor hygiene, overpopulation, inhumane practices
Shock therapy still occurs today
None or hardly any rights
No social interaction
Unprofessional staff
No social support
Removal of all possessions and identity Health Care Systems: Institutions ‘They wanted to take away your freedom to think. Their goal was to take away all freedoms and for you to attain a state of being an extension of someone else with no freedom. I was told the only real freedom was having no freedom and choosing to like it’
‘The first night when I got there I was really upset and I couldn’t stop crying. So they threatened to sedate me and eventually injected me with a needle that put me to sleep’
surrendering to a power and an authority power’
Didn’t give a f*** about me
They told you that you made bad decisions and screwed up yourselves

‘dehumanizing feeling’
‘ I had more fun in jail.’ Health Care Systems: Institutions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJjMBCN3abE
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