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Earth Scientist

No description

Anjelika Pathak

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Earth Scientist

Earth Scientist
What is an Earth Science?
Earth Science is the study of the Earth and all its materials.
Why is Earth Science important?
Because it affects all human races.
Our climate is changing and that change is being caused by human activity.
Who is an Earth Scientist and what do they do?
An earth scientist is someone who performs research and conducts experiments related to our planet.
They act as field scientists, researchers, educators, conservationists and consultants to analyze the internal structure and atmosphere of the earth.
Earth Scientists are responsible to:
• Identify and examine geological formations
• Study data and prepare scientific reports
• Conduct geologic surveys
• Construct field maps
• Use instruments to measure the earth’s gravity and magnetic field
• Perform and document laboratory experiments
• Write grant programs
• Create educational materials for conservation and education societies
• Teach at a university
Geologist: 4 years
Meteorologist: 4 years
Oceanographer: 4-5 years
Astronomer: 2-3 years
Types of Earth Science: Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Astronomy.
Technologies used in Earth Science:
To become an Earth Scientist, you'll need to:
Graduate from high school with good grade in the following courses:
Natural sciences (Biology, geology, chemistry, math, physics)
Social sciences (English, history, geography)
Multibeam Sonar: to map large swaths of the ocean floor to assist the underwater navigation of its submarine force.
Geoglogists use:

Rock hammer
Rock chisels
Meteorologists use:
Astronomers use:
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