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International Recruitment, Brazil

Fall 2012

Brad Zuniga

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of International Recruitment, Brazil

Why Should You
Choose Butte College? Higher Education
in California Overview What Makes
Butte College Special? How Do You Apply? Do You Need More Information? Overview of High Eduction in California Study in the United States Campus Student Life Support Academic Social Support Sustainability Resource Center
Theater and Drama Productions
Campus Events and Festivals Over 30 clubs to join
Active Associated Students
Culture and Community Center
Approximately 12,000 students The City of Chico Affordable Housing Cost Start Your
Bachelors Degree QUIZ

How many colleges are in the United States? California 66% What Percent of American Students Start at a Community College before Graduating From a University? Universities in the United States 3 Most Common Types of Schools in California University of California (U.C.) California State University (C.S.U.) California Community College Over 4,000 higher education institutions
Nearly 20 million students enrolled
More than 2 million degrees awarded each year
Each of the 50 states are responsible for governing their institution
Education is typically one of the states largest budget items
3 Types of Institutions www.census.gov 5 Types of Degrees Universities of California (U.C.)
California State Universities (C.S.U.)
California Community College 1st US community college established in 1901 (State of Illinois)
112 Campuses just in California
Approximately 2.5 million students
Largest Educational system in the world
Open Admissions
Award Associate Degrees 23 campuses
Top 25% of high school graduates
Largest public university system in US
Approximately 400,000 students
Award Bachelors and Masters Degrees 10 Campuses
Top 12% of high school graduates
Approximately 200,000 students
Award Bachelors, Masters, Professional and Doctorate Degrees US Overall 45% Where Our Students Are From and Where They Go Over 150 students from more than 30 countries Study in California Wildlife Refuge National Leader in Sustainability Modern Facilities Over 4,000 1. Complete Application (FREE) at www.butte.edu/international
Financial Statement - $17,000
English Proficiency - TOEFL 45 IBT or 133 CBT
No TOEFL required with ALCI application (English School)
Negative tuberculosis skin test or clear chest x-ray

2. I-20 Issued Within One Business Day!

3. Pay Sevis Fee On-Line - $200

4. Visa Interview

5. Orientation on Campus Higher Education in United States
Types of Degree Available
Higher Education in California
About Butte College
Applying to a California Community College How Many Community Colleges are in California? 112 Largest Community College Campus in the State 1st School in US to be 100% Solar Powered Center for Academic Success
Critical Skills Workshops International Friendship Program
International Student Club
Culture and Community Center
Conversation Hours Great Weather Travel the Entire State Faculty Support $106,912 $108,097 $63,715 $35,339 $ USD
10/30/2012 Home Stay $500 - $700 per month Apartment or Dorm $300 - $800 per month Recently ranked as one of the best places to live by Forbes Magazine, News and World Report, CNN, and California Report Downtown Bidwell Park It could take nearly 14 hours to drive the whole state! Butte College International Students Services www.butte.edu/international Start Here, Go Anywhere! Butte College Average class size is 25 students What Do Current Students Think? ($1,015 - $1,420 BRL) ($610 - $1,625 BRL) What Do Former Students Think? $51,430 $52,000 $30,650 $17,000 and Living
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