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Night of the twister

No description

daisy santana

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Night of the twister

Night of the Twisters
Five O'clock
-Arthur=Dan's bff ride bikes Arthur is smart has 6 sisters

-Dan and Arthur go biking to lake to have fun the sky looks like it is going to rain so they leave .

-Dan has great memory.
Six O' clock
-Arthur came over for dinner and Ryan was napping .

-Sence Dan's mom had body Ryan Dan felt left out he is jealous of him

-Dan's dad told him "the sun doesn't rise and set on you dad was mad at Dan for being lazy
As rememderd one year later
-The dailingtons beging such a big family were forced to splite up after the tornado.

-The community got help with all the damage done.

-Dan stared liking Ryan and they lived happy.
As told by Dan Hach
-Red letter day =Good

-Black letter =Bad (Dan thinks)

-Dan intors tornado story from last year.

-June 3rd last summer the tornado surprised him .
By: Daisy Santana
Period: Strategic Reading
Seven O' clock
-Dan was mad because he had to help wash dishes while his mom put Ryan to sleep .

-Arthur and Dan went to Ms.Smiley house to see her new door.

-Arthur sister Stacy is no were to be found. They are at Arthur's house looking for his sister.

eight O'clock
-Dan and Arthur decide to watch tv because they thought nothing was going to happen.

-Mom told Dan to get a flaslight so he will be ready for the tornado

-Power went out in the livingroom 2 sec Dan and Arthur were shoked Dan went to go get Ryan and the power went out for good
-Dan goes Ryan room to get Ryan because the tornado was coming

-D&A think they might explode

-D&A7R were in the basement scared
The next hour or so
-Dan,Arthur,and Ryan in shower wet,cold trapped.

-House destroyed gas leaks,tries to save Minerva.

-Stacy finds the boys trapped she helped them out.
Later on
D&A see Ms.Smiley's destroyed home her door in tact

-Ms.Smiley's sleeping on couch D&A&S pulled her up using a blanket and a stool

-Take Ms.Smiley to the bus to Kamart to shelter with Dan's mom
Elaven O'clock
-The few of them (Dan,Arthur and stacey go on the minibus were herded into the police car.

-Seconds later kelly had the sirens off and was on the milke agin.

-Dan and Arthur went to the hospital.
Early morning
-One of the officails was so shocked Dan later reported he hadn't even heard a sound of the tractor.

- When Dan and Arthur got to south locust and saw what loomed ahead of usin that early night they changed there mind.

Dan angled the truck at the curb in front of ther place and cut the engin
-Dan and Arthur walked into the police station through double glass doors into a big open space size as a classroom

-Arthur once told Dan that babies were god's jewels

-In the big room one of the men stuck a match
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