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Harley Davidson History 1903-Present

History of Harley Davidson Memories

Alex Davis

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Harley Davidson History 1903-Present


.In 1903, Harley Davidson Motor Company was founded by William Harley and Arthur Davidson and started by a 10X15 foot wooden shed and the first Harley Davidson motorcycle that was first blueprinted back in 1901.
.The first Harley Davidson was build to be a racer with a 3 1/8 inch bore and 3 1/2 inch stroke.
.The first Harley features a 24 cubic inch (410cc) and produces 3 horsepower with a top speed of 35 miles per hour.
.In 1904, Harley Davidson opened the first dealership in Chicago with a dealer named C.H. Lang and managed to sell three single cylinder motorcycles.
. In 1905, The company introduced a nickname called the Silent Grey Fellow.
. Harley Davidson built about 16 bikes in production in 1905.
.In July 4, 1905, A Harley motorcycle wins a 15 mile race in Chicago with a time of 19:02.
. In 1906, The single cylinder motorcycle had an improvement which included a 26 cubic inch (440cc) single cylinder engine which produces 4 horsepower with a top speed of 40 miles per hour
.The company was reconstructed on Juneau Avenue by 28X80 feet compared to the old original factory in 1903.
.In 1907, William Davidson, the brother to Arthur and Walter Davidson quit his job from the railroad and decided to join the motor company.
.The company built about 150 motorcycles in 1907.
.In 1908, The first Harley police bikes were delivered to the Detroit Police Department which was the first city to own Harley police bikes.
. The single cylinder motorcycle was changed to a 4 horsepower 570cc single cylinder engine with the best capable speed of 45-50 miles per hour.
.In 1909, Harley Davidson introduced the first V-Twin engine for a motorcycle.
.Harley sold 27 of the first V-Twin bikes at $325 each.
.The first V-Twin produced 7 horsepower with a 49.5 cubic inch V-Twin engine with the top speed of 60 miles per hour.
.The image of the V-Twin is a 45 degree configuration.
.In 1910, The famed "Bar and Shield" Harley logo was introduced and was also trademarked.
.Harley had 149 employees in 1910.
.In 1911, The flathead engine was introduced and became the workhorse of the Harley motorcycle until 1929.
.Starting in 1912, Harley Davidson started to export bikes to Japan.
.Constuction begin for a 6 story company to be build.
.United States has over 200 dealerships in 1912 and the Parts and Accessories Department is available.
.In 1913, Harley Davidson introduced a V-Twin model called the Model 9-E which produced 8 horsepower.
.They record about 71,000 sales in 1913.
.In 1914, The sidecar was available to a Harley which included a two speed transmission with a hub.
.In 1915, The 3 speed transmissions were first introduced on a Harley.
.The J Twin model was introduced with a 11 horsepower Twin engine and also introduced step starters in 1914.
.In 1916, Arthur Davidson divided the nation into districts.
.William Harley received a US patent for a motorcycle frame design
. The step starter was replaced to a kick starter in 1916.
.In 1917, Harley provided 15,000 machines to the military force during World War 1.
.1/3 of all Harleys were send to the US Army.
.Harley introduced a new color called "military drab" for Harleys in 1917.
.Almost half of Harleys were sold for the US Military in World War 1 in 1918.
.In 1918, Corporal Roy Holtz was the only American to enter Germany.
.In 1919, The Model W Sport Twin was introduced with a 37 cubic inch Twin engine with a top speed of 50 miles per hour, but quiet and easy to ride.
In 1920, Harley Davidson was the largest manufacture motorcycle company in the world with over 2000 dealerships in 67 countries.
.The term "hog" is associated with Harley when a racer carries a pig on his victory laps in 1920.
.Harley Davidson became the first to win a motorcycle race at an average speed of 100 miles per hour in 1921.
.Sales of the 61 cubic inch motorcycles comprised the bulk of H-D's sales.
.In 1922, The US Post office releases a special delivery stamp featuring a Harley motorcycle.
.The company brought out the Superpower Twin model JD in 1921.
.The first 74 cubic inch is first introduced for the JD and FD Models in 1922 and also produces 18 horsepower.
.The company motivated sales by producing large catalogs of accessories and clothing in 1923.
.In 1924, Harley finds the addition of the aluminum alloy pistoned E series Harleys.
.Fuel Tanks to all Models now have a distinct teardrop shape which was introduced for the first time in 1925.
.In 1926, Harley Davidson once again sells single cylinder motorcycles for the first time since 1918.
.H-D offers white and cream color options in 1926.
.The BA Model was an attempt by a growing Wisconsin Company to offer a single cylinder that stills have power in 1927.
.In 1928, Harley Davidson introduces a two cam engine to the public, capable speeds of 85-100 miles per hour.
.Front wheel brakes and the throttle controlled oil pump are available for the first time.
.The JDH Models includes 1000-1200cc engines for the first time in 1928.
.The 45 cubic inch V-twin engine is introduced on the D Model and proves to be reliable that are available as late as 1913 back from 1929.
.Dual bullet headlights are offered only in 1929 and 1930.
.Bill Davidson Jr. wins the Jack pine endurance contest in 1930.
.In 1931, Harley Davidson and Indian became the only two manufacture companies until 1953.
.The 45 cubic inch 3 wheel servi-car begins its 41 year run as a popular commerical police vehicle in 1932.
.In 1932, Harley sells blueprints and machinery to Japan's Sankyo to build a Harley clone named "Rikuo".
.An art deco eagle design is painted to Harley fuel tanks in 1933.
.The VLD was a bold new design in 1934.
.The traditional olive paint was used since 1917 was dropped as the standard color after 1932, but Green remained available to several Harleys.
.In 1935, The Japanse motorcycle industry is founded as a result of H-D licensing blueprints to the Sankyo Company of Japan or the result of the Rikuo motorcycle.
.In 1936, The Harley Davidson EL Knuckelhead is introduced which is an overhead value 61 cubic inch V-Twin engine that included 40 horsepower with a top speed of 95-100 miles per hour.
. It also included a 4 speed transmission.
.Harley also produced a 80 cubic inch Twin engine in 1936.
.The WL Models are introduced in 1937.
.The EL Knuckelhead in Daytona Beach had a new record of 136.183 miles per hour in 1937.
.In 1938, The UL Model was one of the innovate models ever made and had a big flathead engine.
.In 1939, The Knuckelhead fuel tank design was the final year to be made.
.The police business have over 3500 citites using Harleys in 1940.
.In 1941, The Knuckelhead introduced an 74 cubic inch engine.
.UL Flathead models were introduced in 1941 until 1948.
.The FL Series were used during World War 2.
.Only 2452 FL Models were built in 1941.
.Harley introduces the WLA model in 1941.
.All Harley's output was devoted to the military until 1945.
.In 1942, The XA-750 was introduced and 1011 XA's were built.
.In 1943, Harley Davidson received awards from the Army-Navy, which was awarded for Excellence in production.
.H-D produces over 88,000 units for both the US Army and for the Allies, and also produced 70,000 WLA and WLC motorcycles for the US Army and their Allies during World War 2.
.Spare parts for additional 30,000 bikes were introduced.
.In 1945, Harley Davidson produces about 60,000 WLA models during World War 2 for military use and this year World War 2 ended.
.The production of civilian motorcycles resume in 1945.
.Harley Davidson introduces the 45 cubic inch flathead WR racing motorcycle in 1946 and became the greatest racing motorcycles ever built.
.In 1946, 2,098 EL's were built in production.
.Harley Davidson opens its Capitol Drive plant to produce parts to be sent to Juneau Avenue for final assembly.
.In 1947, H-D begins selling classic motorcycle leather jackets and 1947 was the year that it was the final year of the Knuckelhead that was produced since 1936.
.In 1948, The Panhead engine is introduced which was replaced from the Knuckelhead engine.
.Production of American made motorcycles begins with the model S will be sold until 1966.
.The model 125 is introduced in 1948, it includes a 125cc engine with 3 horsepower with a top speed of 50 miles per hour.
.More than 10,000 125's were sold in 1948.
.In 1949, The FL Hydra Glide is introduced with a 74 cubic inch engine.
.The hydraulic front forks appears on Harley Big Twins.
.In 1950, H-D sets 6 new records from the AMA Grand National Championship.
The mileage club was founded in 1951.
.The K model is introduced in 1952 and introduced hand clutches.
.In 1953, Harley Davidson celebrated their 50th aniverssary and Indian ran out of business, so Harley Davidson became the American motorcycle company for the next 46 years from Indian.
.The Model 165 is introduced, which was replaced from the Model 125, which increased to a 165cc engine.
.Over the next 8 years in 1954, the Grand National Championship will be own by H-D riders.
.In 1955, Harley Davidson introduced the Hummer which was used by a B Model engine with an old 125cc capacity.
.In 1956, Elvis Presley owned a 56 Model KH which was posed from a May Enthusiast Magazine.
.In 1957, The Sportster was introduced, which included a 55 cubic inch engine and became know as the first of superbikes.
.In 1958, The Duo-Glide is introduced, replaced from the Hydra Glide.
.1959 was the final year for the Hummer and the S-165.
.In 1960, Harley Davidson introduced a motor scooter called the Topper.
.The Topper includes a 165cc engine with 9 horsepower with a top speed of 60 miles per hour.
.H-D purchases a half interest of Aermacchi H-D in 1960.
.Super 10 was replaced from the previous 2 models in 1960.
.In 1960, The XLCH Sportster was the hottest motorcycles money could buy.
.In 1961, The Sprint model is introduced.
.The Ranger,Pacer, and Scat Models are introduced in 1962.
.In 1963, The Panhead engine used a outside oiler head design for the first time.
.The servi-car motorcycles were the first motorcycles to have electric starters in 1964.
.In 1965, The FL Electra Glide was introduced which was replaced from the Duo-Glide and also updated an electric starter.
.1965 is the final year for the Panhead engine, the Ranger, and the Scat models.
.In 1966, The shovelhead engine is introduced which is replaced from the Panhead engine and was also introduced for the Electra Glide.
.The bobcat in 1966 was the only year it was introduced.
.The 1967 Sportsters are now available for electric starters.
.The 68 Sportster's 55 cubic inch engine included an overhead value 45 degree v-Twin engine in 1968.
.In 1969, Harley Davidson merges the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF).
. In 1970, A new sportster called the XR-750 is introduced due to AMA rules for Class C.
.1970 was the only year that a 16 foot streamliner breaks a new record, the streamliner includes a single sportster engine which averages over 265 miles per hour.
.In 1971, The FX-1200 Super Glide is introduced.
.1971 was the first year for the snowmobile production.
.In 1972, The 1000cc Iron Head Sportster is introduced which is replaced from the 900cc Sportster.
.The flathead engine production ended in 1973.
.In 1973, The 400,000 square foot York, Pennsylvania plant opens, improving motorcycle production.
.In 1974, The Sprint was the final year that it will be produced this year since 1961 and capable of top speed of 70-75 miles per hour or 115 kilometers per hour featuring a 250cc engine.
.In 1975, Jay Springsteen won the AMA Grand Championship 3 years in a row.
.The 76 Sportsters were the rarest models ever built, 115 miles per hour is top speed.
.In 1977, The FXS Low Rider, Cafe Racer, and the Liberty Edition is introduced.
.Harley Davidson celebrated their 75th aniverssary and introduced an optional for the Electra Glide which is a 1300cc 80 cubic inch engine in 1978.
.In 1978, Harley closes down the Italian Aermacchi factory, leaving only Sportsters and Big Twin models available.
.In 1979, The FXEF Fat Bob is introduced.
.In 1980, H-D debuts the FLT Tour Glide with a 5 speed transmission.
.The FXWG Wide Glide is first introduced.
.The very last year of the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF) was 1981.
.The FXB Strugis is also introduced because of the honor of the Strugis Bike Rally.
.In 1981, Scott Parker bcame the most popular racer in H-D History.
. In 1982, The FXR/FXRS Super Glide II was introduced with the 5 speed powertrain.
.The Harley Owners Group (HOG) begins in 1983.
.In 1984, Harley Davidson introduced the Evolution V-Twin engine (1340cc) on 5 models.
. The first Softail models are introduced in 1984.
. The Shovelhead engine ends in 1984.
.The FXRS Low Rider had merged with the FXSB Low Rider in 1985.
. In 1986, The Heritage Softail is introduced for new bold styling.
.In 1986, The Sportster engine received the Evolution engine for the Sportster model line up, the Sportster 1100 was introduced until 1987.
. Harley Davidson was listed at the New York Exchange in 1987.
.In 1988, The springer front end returns which is the FXSTS Springer Softail that is introduced.
.The Sportster 1200 is introduced in 1988.
.Harley Davidson celebrates its 85th aniverssary in 1988 with 60,000 enthusiasts.
.In 1989, The Ultra model is now available to the FLT Models and the FLTCU had an option for a sidecar.
.The American Iron Magazine is launched as a family friendly magazine to Harley Davidson in 1989.
.In 1990, The FLSTF Fatboy is introduced and becomes a modern legend of motorcycle design.
.The Dyna models and the FXDB Dyna Glide Strugis is introduced in 1991.
.All Harleys change to a 5 speed transmission in 1991.
.In 1992, All Harleys introduce a belt drive for the first time and was the only company to produce belt drives.
.In 1993, Harley Davidson celebrated their 90th aniverssary with more than 100,000 people riding Harleys.
Harley Davidson buys an interest of the Buell motorcycle company in 1993.
.In 1994, Harley Davidson begins motorcycle racing and introduces the VR-1000 with a liquid cooled engine.
.The FLHR Road King is introduced in 1994.
.The 30th aniverssary Electra Glides were now available in 1995.
.In 1995, The FXDWGI Wide Glide is introduced.
.In 1996, H-D sells Holiday Rambler.
.In 1997, New plant in Kansas opens.
.In 1998, Harley Davidson celebrated their 95th aniverssary with more than 140,000 riders.
.Introduction to the Road Glide in 1998.
.The touring and Dyna motorcycle families receive the new Twin Cam 88 engine in 1999.
.In 1999, The CVO or hand made models are first introduced.
.In 2000, The Softail Deuce is introduced and the softail models also receive the Twin Cam 88B.
.The VRSCA V-Rod is introduced for the 2002 model year in 2001.
.In 2002, The open road tour debuts in Atlanta, GA for the upcoming 100th aniverssary in 2003.
.In 2003, Harley Davidson celebrated their 100th aniverssary with more than 250,000 people.
.In 2004, some Sportsters received a redesigned fuel tank and the FLHRST Road King Custom is introduced.
.The XL Sportster brings a lowered seating position to the Sportster line in 2005.
.In 2006, The first 6 speed transmissions were introduced for the Dyna models and the FLHX Street Glide is introduced.
.The FXDB Street Bob is introduced in 2006 to the Dyna line.
.In 2007,the XL-1200 Nightster arrives to the model line and the Rocker is now available for the 2008 year model.
.In 2008, Harley Davidson celebrated their 105th aniverssary and the H-D Museum was now open at the same year.
.The introduction models for 2009 was the FLHTCUTG Tri-Glide Ultra Classic, and the Fatboy Lo.
.In 2009, The Buell motorcycle company closed its doors for good.
.In 2010, The Sportster 48 is introduced with a bobber style.
.H-D streamlines personal customization with H-D1, allowing riders to receive a factory built custom motorcycle in 2011.
.H-D introduced the Softail Slim and Sportster 72 for the 2012 model year.
.H-D celebrated their 110th aniverssary in 2013.
.By August of 2013, Harley Davidson introduced a mission called Project Rushmore,
.2014's 103 cubic inch engine was redesigned with more horsepower and torque, all project rushmore bikes have been redesigned such as the one touch saddlebags, batwings, front forks, instrument cluster
. By July 2014, The new Road Glide has been introduced and has been redesigned from the wheels to the bagger style
NEW 2014 PROJECT RUSHMORE MODELS- Street Glide Special, CVO Limited, CVO Road King

1903 Serial #1- 1903-1905
1906 Model 2-1906
1907 Model 3- 1907
1908 Model 4-1908
1909 Model 5-D- 1909
1909 Model 5-1909
1910 Model 6 Single
1911 Model 7A
7-B- battery ignition
7-C- magneto
1911 Model 7-D
1912 Model 8-A
1912 Model X8D
1912 Model X8E
1913 Model 9-A
1913 Model 9-E
1914 Model 10-B
1914 Model 10-F
1915 Model 11-J
1916 Model J 1916-1929
1917 Model 17-T
Model W Sport- 1919-1923
Model JD- 1922-1928
Model FD- 1922-1929
1929 JDH
Model WJ- 1920-1923
Model FS- 1920-1923
Model FE- 1924-1925
Model JE- 1924-1925
Model A- 1926-1929
Model B- 1926-1930
Model BA-1926-1930
Model S- 1926-1927
Model AA- 1926-1929
Model JS- 1919-1929
1909 Model 5 Single-
5A- Magneto, 28 inch wheels
5B- battery ignition
5C- Magneto, 26 inch wheels
1910 Model 6-A
1910 Model 6-B
6-C- magneto
1911 Model 7
Model C- 1929-1934
Model D- 1929-1931
Model DL- 1929-1931
Model V- 1931-1933
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