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Tristen P

on 13 August 2013

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What is the National Broadband Network??
The National Broadband Network or also known as NBN is the biggest telecommunications company in Australia's history.
The NBN is designed to improve Australia's networks, this provides Australia with faster and more reliable broadband access for all homes and businesses in Australia. Three technologies used is the optic fiber, fixed wireless and next generation satellite.
An optical fibre is a thin glass or plastic strand that carries light along its length. Light from lasers is shone down the fibre, and is detected by a receiver at the other end of the fibre. Optical fibre is capable of transmitting information at a practically unlimited rate over very long distances. The kind of optical fibre that NBN Co Limited is deploying can assure speeds of up to 100 megabits per second and higher, in the future.
How does an optic fibre work??
Convert to this Network!!
Need Reasons Why you need to change to this Network!!
- Benefits you with super fast internet access and amazing telephones communication.
- This netwrok gives you high quality video call access to keep in contact with friends and families around the world.
- Accessing health services and interactive educational content online
- Working from home like you would at the office
- Getting the whole family online at once
- Downloading movies in minutes and streaming TV online.*

Thinking how this network will affect your everyday life
Connecting with this network will not affect your everyday life it will improve and liven up your life in your everyday routines. By having a faster and more reliable network communication system that gives you quick and easy access for buisness and work related calls or even family calls whether you are communicating through a mobile or telephone or calling through a video call.
NBN VS International technology
Broadband is known as high quality and fast speed and internet is known online normal quality.
- Gives internet to people
- Provides options for all users.
- high quality internet access

- NBN provides a more suitable and reliable source
- Gives high quality for all applications (video calling, buiness related etc.)
- NBN gives more options to connect with people (video calling, telecommunication, broadband(internet) and more.
- Easier to connect with NBN and able to connect all over Australia.
This network has been a very big help and very efficient. It provides you with amazing opportunities by giving the network a quick, easy and reliable sources to help people in everyday life. By giving you quick and easy access to wireless internet, buisness related callsall over Australiaand the world and also providing with high quality material. This network is supported by many companies (Telstra, Bigond and Optus). Being apart of this amazingbroadband network generation I agree that the National Broadband Network is a great advancement for technology.
- www.telestra.com.au

- 1800 TFIBRE (1800 834 273) (National Broadband Network Telstra)

There are other ways to contact The National Broadband Network!! :D

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Tristen Puruto

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