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Biography: Wayne Thiebaud.

By, Olivia Hall

Olivia Hall

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Biography: Wayne Thiebaud.

Wayne Thiebaud Life and Early Beginnings. Wayne Thiebaud was born in Mesa, Arizona on November 15, 1920. He moved to Long Beach, California when he was a year old, then moved to a ranch in southern Utah. This is where Wayne's love of rows and rows of vegetables came into his artwork. Later when Wayne was older his family lost the ranch and moved back to Long Beach. Wayne, in High School, began theater and it to effected his art career. He worked in concession stands and this gave him the idea to paint food. Some foods like; cheese burgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, ice cream and cake. He began working at Walt Disney Cartoons in high school. Eventually Wayne gave up art to join the air force, that is where he met his first wife Patricia and had a daughter named Twinka. Wayne Thiebaud did more cartoons and sold them to newspapers, but this could not support his family so he worked at a pharmacy for a couple of years. Born to draw. Wayne wanted an education in art so he got his degree for art history. He became a teacher at the University of California, Davis. He taught there for many years.

He wanted to show his artwork but California's art showings didn't want his artwork, soon he ventured as far as New York looking for someone to view his art. Finally Robert Mallary gave Wayne a chance. Showing his work, which was popular, he got very little money
no one wanted to buy his artwork but Wayne didn't give up. Now....... Wayne finally won the public eye. He tried to make his artwork break the category he was being pushed in, pop art. With city-scapes, landscapes, food and everyday objects. Wayne is one of the greatest artist in the world. He has won many awards.

He had a second daughter named Mallary, but divorced Patricia. He remarried to Betty Jean and had a son, Paul. Now 92, he still paints and plays tennis (His other passion). His children are even in the art industry, Twinka is an art model and Paul is a art dealer. Wayne Thiebaud, has his own category. "The Hungriest
Artist in California." - Unknown critic on Wayne Thiebaud. 'I was a spoiled child.' -Wayne Thiebaud. "He'd say "Draw 'til you get it right." -Student on Wayne Thiebaud. WAYNE
THIEBAUD. {1920- } 'Objects are for me like.......Characters in a play.' -Wayne Thiebaud. 'He was a mentor who tore apart
everything I did.' -Wayne on Robert Mallary. 'The spit and argue club, I was
fascinated by that.' -Wayne talking about his church.
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