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Cancun, Mexico

No description

Lexy Oneil

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico Climate Getting There Things to do Currency Exchange Food And Places To Eat Where I will be staying Reviews, Total Costs Spirit Airlines $462 there and back
non stop Depart at 6:35 am July 3
Arrive in Cancun
at 3:13 pm July 3 Stay at Marina El
Cid Spa and
Beach Resort
Riviera Maya It is $231 Canadian per night Includes balcony
over looking
the ocean, bathroom,
bed, satelite, bar etc In total for
7 nights it
would be
1,498.00 US Go to the beach Go fishing Tanning Swimming
(beach or at the resort) Beach volleyball Jumping off the waterfall Food is sold at the dining room every day, and also down by the beach There is a swim
up drink/snack bar Avg high temperature
- 85 degrees Avg low temperature
- 73 degrees Days with rain
- 2
Days with snow
- none
Avg mean temperature
- 80 degress One pesos(Mexican Dollar) equals 0.0825979 Canadian People rated: ***** - Value
***** - Room
***** - Location
***** - Cleanliness
***** - Service
*** - Quality Total Estimate: Around 2690 not inculding
spending money
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