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AS Media Evaluation

No description

Mohit Jhanji

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of AS Media Evaluation

AS Media Evaluation Question 1: In What Way does your media Product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Question 2: Hows does your media product
represent particular social groups Question 3: What kind of Media Institution might
distribute your media product and why Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product? Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience? Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies
from the process of constructing this product? Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task,
what do you feel you have learnt in the progression
from it to the full product Tony Montana from 'Scarface' was my first choice to resemble against Humzah in our video. The two resemble in many ways and can also be compared. Such things such as appearance, costume, dialogue, posture and role in the film can all be be touched upon to resemble each of the charecters. ll Appearance will be the first thing to be resembled, as you can see from both characters facial expressions and movement is nearly the identical. This gives both of the characters the 'Don' appearance. Both look serious and show no remorce or happyness towards other characters. Humzah was supposed to portray a character who had no happiness in his childhood and had to be serious.He also kept the thought in his mind that he had been portrayed so this kept up the good character portfolio. The next thing to be discussed is use of costume to resemble the both characters. As you can see Tony Montana wears a suit to give him a high profile, authoritive look such as a businessman . We used the same apporach with our character Humzah. The plot behind the story was, that previously Humzah was succesful businessman who was robbed for all his wealth and dignity by his arch enemy in the business world Carlos Rodgeregez. So instantly we thought Humzah should look the part. Wearing a suit makes an individual not just look mature but gives them a role of independancy through out the film. Dialog can also be resembled. Dialog used by Humzah in our video is clear but yet very to the point, he does not waste time and gets straight to it. Tony Montana in 'Scarface' is an intemimdating charecter and rules out most descions in the movie. Everyone around Tony is aware he is the boss, tones can be picked up if the charecter is serious and wants somthing done. The other understand the seriousness of the situation compared to the dialect spoken. We gave humzah our charecter a deep serious voice to show he was not playing around, and he wanted something done. One key aspect we can discuss is body posture.The 2 pictures above show the 2 characters that I am comparing,by looking at the pictures you can see both have a strong hold of body and pose. The posture that they hold shows they are authoritive and controlling figures and nothing can get past them. When most viewers watch a film they can distinguish what sort of personality the character will have through the posture they are holding.Mitchell Mason from the movie is the successful businessman out the 2 brothers and life has always been easy for him, but never the less he worked hard for his respect. The next thing we can compare are the costumes worn by the characters.As you can see from the picture on the left, both characters are wearing black, this signifies a dark and mysterious future and can also mean that something bad is going to happen. Furthermore this would be one of the ways in which viewers would portray the characters and find out what they were about i.e through clothing and colours. Such things was used in Alfred Hitchcocks 'Pyscho' The next character I will be comparing is Amar our protagonist against Mitchell Mason who is played by Gary Stretch in the Movie 'The Heavy'. The plot is based around betrayal between two brothers. The film we have made is also based around betrayal, but between enemies in the same profession. Looking at posture, dialogue, costume and facial expressions I thought this character was the best suited to compare to amar and best to resemble against. Dialogue will be the last thing I will be comparing between the two charecters. Amar did not have much dialogue assigned to him,this was because in our opening thriller he was a character that was looked upon,well known and had alot of people beneath him. People showed him respect and he didn't have to talk much to get stuff done. The actor that i will compare Amar to is Mitchell Mason, he is a fiesty character who complains alot.This character does not get everything that he wants so will therefore have to ague for what he wants. SO WHICH ONE IS
IT GOING TO BE? To begin with my Target Audience has been identified as the age group of 14-19 year olds, near the teen area. The collage describes what kind of groups would enjoy it, such as geeky girls, and the group of girls who find these kind of action movies as ones to fall in love with. Gender wise it would appeal more to boys as it is in a rough gangster type setting . The mafia style made the clip more male-orientated as it contained many aspects that would apeal more to males e.g. guns, girls and car chases. More over the main Target Audience is the younger audience as they would be able to relate more to it in terms of understanding the concept and Plot. The Collage I made describes all aspectes of softwares I have used throught the journey of making my 2 minute opening of a thriller. All of the softwares had different types of additions to making the final piece and they will be explained. Safari- Grab information of the internet, and allow us to
access other softwares such as youtube, blogger and google
to get images of . iMovie- Allowed us to gather all our scenes and shots, upload it to iMovie,
cut certain clips, also shorten them.It also allowed us to add transisition in affect wich
helped our movie to become continuous. Aslo iMovie helped us with adding titles to our video clip and adding in sound. GarageBand- Allowed us to create our soundclip using sample sound
clips that were available. Also it allowed us to fade in and out music
that did not match in with scenes, and helped us make our soundtrakc longer or shorter. Photoshop- I used photoshop to make our logo and enncorperate images together in order to create somthing that didt not look of matching. Final Cut was shown to us by our teachers, to get us use to creating our movies on there as final cut had more softwar we could use and more features that would make our lifes a bit easier when editing iPhoto- this was used as I took photo's of our storyboard on my phone and then later had to transfer them to the iMac. Before putting them onto iMovie I had to put them on to iPhoto and then sync them through The Picture on the Left show myself with
the equipment used, such as Sony camera, Tripod, iMac, Charger and Software of the iMac as I have explained above. The above video allows you to see what kind of forms
and genre conventions have been used to create our movie and give it that typical look like any other 'Gangster' setting. Annotations clearly show, how our 2 minute opening is same to alot out there comparing through costumer, sound, propps and plot. This drawing allows you to see how my target audience would look, it gives a clear indication that it is the much younger crowed and poeple that are more into think like action tv programmes and thriller and adventure types of movies. Looking at all the past, starting from the perliminary, I think as
an individual I have come a long way, learning key Media concepts
and picking up usual facts on the way. From camerawork to
knowing the thoery behind processes, I think I have gained alot of knowledge and become stronger in every aspect to help me with next year. Information... Information Introduction Information Looking at all the aspects and narrowing it down to one charecter from my target audience, the charecter is one of those who relates to what he/she watches on TV to what they watch at the cinema. TV influecnes audiences eyes to watch different genre's of movies. People, like working title films have a TV firm based aswell as Film production firm. Looking at there statistics at what programmes are viewed the most they can determine what genre of movive to release. What is target Audience ?

Target Audience can be refered to looking at marketing and advertising. Its the Primary set of people your Movie or product would stand out to. A set of people that would find your Movie or Product appealing.
The ways in which our media production attracted audiences were with music,camera angles,and also being able to relate to the plot.Firstly many people were attracted to the opening music as it was very upbeat and also set the scene for the rest of the clip.As well as this it also will help to engage the viewer,and make them keep watching the rest of the clip.Furthermore camera angles also leave the viewers more in touch, many vieweres stated that by using different camera angles such as match on action, shot reverse shot and 180 degree rule. It gave the vieweres different points of view and also made them realise what the actors were seeing, this made the audience feel as if they were there. Finally the target audience for the clip was children ages between 14-19,I found that many people felt that they ccould relate to this as it was within their age group and this kept them to have a more open mind the whole way through the clip.
I think the best option for a production company to go for is WARP. As we are a independant film and have low budgets, I think looking at the statistics of other prodcution companies, WARP meets our standards. Using less money to create high value of films is what WARP does best. In our movie we have no used alot of cost factors and still have managed to create a movie that is like any other on the market today. Equipment is not the best but if we did it would look jsut as good comparing them. WARP helps movies that are small and have no background of a well known actor or script writer so this best fits out description. Looking at match on action, in the perlimary task we were a bit rusty with the moving of transactions between the two people. Something always got cut of either it was speech or movement from a character. After making the 2 minute thriller opening you can see we have come a long way, we took shots again to make sure the shorts were continous.Our understand of the 180 degree rule was so bad that we actually had to make another perlimanry 2 days after, after realizing our mistake we finally picked up what it was and a perfect second perliminary. Shot reverse shot was also brushed up at perliminary and we did not struggle that much with it, so automatically comming to the 2 minute opening we were pro's
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