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GBV Database

My first prezi

Mahmudur Rahman

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of GBV Database

Process involved
(IT Related)

Developing DCMS on GBV
System Development Life Cycle
Begins when a sponsor identifies
a need or an opportunity.
Concept proposal is created.
Defines the scope or boundary of the
concepts. Includes Systems Boundary
Documents. Cost Benefit Analysis.
Risk Management Plan And
Feasibility Study.
System Concept Development
System Development Life Cycle
System Development Life Cycle
Develops a Project Management Plan and
other planning documents. Provides the
basis for acquiring the resources
needed to achieve
a solution.
System Development Life Cycle
Requirement Analysis
Analyzes user needs and develops user requirements. Create a detailed Functional Requirements Document.
System Development Life Cycle
Converts a design into a complete
information system.

Installing systems environment;
database preparation; coding;
compiling; procurement.
System Development Life Cycle
Transforms detailed requirements into complete, detailed systems Design Document Focuses
on how to deliver the
required functionality.
System Development Life Cycle
Integration and Test
Demonstrates that developed systems conforms
to requirements as specified in the
Functional Requirements Document.
System Development Life Cycle
(Roll out)
Includes implementation preparation, implementation of the system and
resolution of the related problems.
System Development Life Cycle
Operations &
Describes tasks to operate and
maintain information systems.
System Development Life Cycle
Describes end-of-system activities; emphasis
on proper preparation of data.
SDLC not followed properly
Where are we?
Process involved
(Organizational development)

Initial Diagnosis
Interviews, questionnaires, direct
observation, analysis of documents
and reports
Analyzing Collected Information
Determining organizational climate
and identifying the challenges
Data Feedback and
Data analysis, review, mediate in the areas of disagreement or confrontation of ideas
or opinions and to establish priorities.
Selection and Design
of Interventions
Suitable interventions are to be
selected and designed
of Intervention
Workshops, feedback of data to the participants, group discussions, on-the-job activities,
redesign of control system
Addressing the development challenges
Address the specific and identified
challenges by using
collected data
Team Building
Form into teams by explaining the advantages in the development process.
Arranging joint meetings
with the managers,
subordinates etc.
Inter group Development
Inter group meetings, interaction etc.,
after the formation of
Situational Analysis
Information Collection
Validation of Situational Analysis
Action Plan
Action plan implementation/
Capacity building/
Reform process
Processes related to IT
Processes related to Organizational Development
Processes related to Communication

Context of
Who will communicate
What will be communicated
How the communication
will be done (way/medium)
Whom to communicate to
Feedback from
the recipient

Process involved
(Communication Strategy)

Thanks a lot
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