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Desktop Prezumé by Brad Mielke

No description

Brad Mielke

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Desktop Prezumé by Brad Mielke

Skills & Training
The Professional Life of
Brad Mielke
Construction Engineering Technology Instructor.
Edmonton, Alberta
The Real World
Brad Mielke
Photo editing
Outdoor extreme sports
Biking, hiking, kayaking, climbing, exploring, photography.
Home improvement, landscaping, woodworking (furniture)
Reading fiction, Discovery Channel type shows (infotainment), procrastination, efficiency of effort, organization, challenging traditional thinking
1997 - future. Open to all opportunities to increase my knowledge on any topic. "Know what you don't know" are words I live by, You should too.
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Construction Engineering Technology
1995-1997. Not all that long ago: same building, same classrooms, lockers, and smell. It is a very different curriculum and expectations now, this is dictated by the industry that will employ you.
Archbishop MacDonald High School
1992-1995. Now that feels like a long time ago!
Work Experience
Dec 2000 - July 2041
PCL Construction Management
Team member an 20+ projects during the estimating and construction phases. Project values from $200,000 thru $120 million ($1 - $750 million today).
May 2000 - Nov 2000
Operations Manager
Residential Construction
Not the best of jobs, the company was on the downward spiral long before I started. Tried to help out a friend and mostly realized that failure is always an option. No matter how hard you try if there is not a team of professionals to work with, there will be no true success.
Enjoyed the time on the tools though, I still do.
July 1997 - May 2000
Quantity Surveyor
Responsible for the collection and quantification of products for pricing by others. Assessment of 5 - 15 projects per day; reading of specifications and the interpretation of project drawings.
Realized the importance of task efficiency, networking, and professionalism.
Estimator / Project Coordinator
First Aid
Lead Climbing Certification
Course Resume
Past Courses
Small Buildings (two instances)
Building Products and Materials (one instance)
Technical Drawing Interpretation (2004 - 2010)
Structural Systems (two instances)
Mechanics I (two instances)
Current Courses
Computer Applications (5 instances)
Construction Surveying (4 instances)
Estimating I: Quantity Survey (2004 - present)
Construction Equipment (2006 - present)
Effective Communications II (one instance)
Applied Mechanics (one instance)
Evening Courses
Estimating I (10+ instances)
Estimating II (3 instances)
Estimating III (one instance)
Husband, married nine years.
Father of two little women, 5 and 7 years old.
Instructor, of professionals who want to build Alberta.
Friend to many but not to you . . . yet.
Images of projects that I successfully estimated or worked on as a coordinator
Strathcona welcome sign: 2002
EIA Central Hall: 2001
U of A - NREF: 2003
U of A - NINT: 2003
U of A - NRIF: 2004
PCL centennial learning centre: 2004
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