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As Time Flows

A poetry project by Jefin John

Jefin Philip

on 3 June 2018

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Transcript of As Time Flows

As Time Flows
Table of Contents
(In order)

An angry titan was he.
One of the 4 children he would be.
Born to mother Earth and father sky.
Only to have 4 children who would die.

Cronus ate 5 of his children
Most of which grew into men.
One was hidden, hidden was he
Zeus was his name, cared for in secrecy.

Over threw his father who was still alive
Rescued the immortal five.
Zeus rescued his 2 brothers and 3 sisters and a scythe
Trapped the Titans in Tartarus and set all to right.
The goddess of wisdom and walked in on a sight
What she had seen was gruesome and not right
In her temple he made out
And with that Athena gave a shout

Medusa her name was put in great pain
The goddess of wisdom, curses on her, she reigned.
Now Medusa lives in a life of shame
With her three sisters, turning people into stone, they’re the ones to blame

Stone these victims
Medusa ticked them
These people were more than ten
Lives lost and lives missing
Only because Medusa was caught kissing
As the time flies by,
As the rains down
The birds seems to sing
It takes away from my frown

With every breath the trees take
The sky grows blue
The clouds leap away from the blue skies
With might force the rain falls down

When night hides from us
The stars jump out expressing their feelings,
For even the trees go to sleep
With just a dim light caressing them, gently

Gently, the world goes into a deep slumber
Not to rise for another six hours
Only to wake up in the morning
The Night Goes On
Our time has come and gone
As we draw nearer to the dreadful dawn
The moon sets leaving us behind
If only we bestowed the power to rewind
Even one night with all the time in the world it’s be tough
Because time flows without care
Only to heal those wounds that are there
Just to be stabbed with a knife
To have this life
To have this love
Falling like a dove
Love has come and love has gone
For the night was young but it wasn’t prolonged
Creation, ingenious
Creating, inventing, manufacturing
Unique, assisting, hindrance, common
Annoying, destroying, stealing
Ruin, disorganization
Enjoyable, amusement
Exhilarating, laughing, satisfying
Pleasure, cheerfulness, gloom, pain
Grieving, mourning, hurting
Heartbreaking, distress
A comforter
Peacekeeper in all fights
Lover, and an aid made for you
Gloomy weather
Dark clouds
It's depressing
Sickening every time
Heartbroken, it leaves me, I mourn
To love
Has no boundaries
Life and love will collide
As life goes on, love gets destroyed
Heart filled
The Heart
Heart beats
With time it slows
A metronome of life
A steady rhythm stands strong
Strong rhythm
Poetry is like art
With each word a new picture is portrayed
And like a puzzle each piece forms a large masterpiece
Every word, stanza and thought paint a large picture
Of emotional reaction

With the time being the least of your worries
Focused on creating an image for the world
Realizing that this isn’t a mere picture
It’s an icon, guiding the viewer into a dimension that you have created

Poems and pictures hypnotize you
With all their might they force you to live in this world of a perspective like no other
With opportunity radiating in every corner
They inspire others as guides on their very path

Poetry is like art
It flows from deep within
And lives a life of inspiration
The sky is an ocean
With vast creatures gliding through it
And clouds as majestic vessels cruising imaginary waves

To have a blue wonder with such might
But, they still have their dangers
Such catastrophes raged out from the oceans above and below

Yet they act calm
Waiting, watching, still
But from this creation erupts destruction
This balance restores all peace

The oceans are a Ying and a Yang
With fury but also with peace
With darkness and light
And every wave holds unpredictable things
The sky is an ocean it provides unexpected things
Our Ocean Above
The Cricle Of Life
To love and to lose
Emotions of highest value
Heartfelt compassion

Love helps in life
All good things come to an end
Hatred destroys all

Mother Nature’s weak
I die slowly and with great pain
What a life she lived

Heartfelt poetry
With heart-warming expressions
Meant to fulfill lives
Mother Nature
With every breath I take, you take yours
Moving me, embracing me every second of my life
The wind blows, the river flows, a part of me goes along with it
A wave of emotions washes over me
My heart beats, earthquakes
I cry, tsunami
A hurricane of rage controls me
The sun comes out on happier days
When all the pain washes away
The reason I’m alive, is the reason you’re alive
My heat within is your air
I embrace with my arms
I love you with my heart

The plants and animals are my children
Lives surround you but yours is special
Everything is given to you
Opportunity at every corner
Love at every sight
The grass under your feet is my beauty
Loving you is my passion with every breath I take
The biography of Jefin John
Likes to play Minecraft with Prateek, acoustic Gibson Guitar, Video Commentary by Uberhaxornova and Tobygames
Does not like any types of fish, sharp Vaccines at the cold doctor’s office and golfing at any type of golf course/ range
Eats beef Hamburgers only when it is fresh off the grill, Hawaiian Pizzas from Pizzapizza and my grandma’s chicken curry
Drinks fountain drinks at McDonalds (usually coke), organic orange juice, and cow milk
Feels enlightened when I hear another guitarist playing a song I know and disappointed when I realize that they are much more experience at the guitar than I do
Believes in Christianity, in a world with peace, and in the better of humanity
Fears every scary movie, sharp objects that can pierce through my skin and a bad mark on my report cards
Listens to rock by Muse, dubstep remixes by Skillrex and metal by System of a down
Watches the Simpsons every Sunday at 8:00 pm, Futurama at 9:00 pm (weekdays), and Big Bang Theory at 7:30-8:00 (weekdays)
Can play the guitar at church and the tabla
Future Engineer in wither the electronic field or in the chemical field
Jefin John

Jaunty, it is important to be happy in life and my happiness knows no boundaries.
Engineering, it is what I wish to do in the future
Fighting till the end, persistence is important
Intelligent, my knowledge is power.
Noisy, my room is the source of the loud guitar strums, and dubstep constantly playing on my laptop.

Justifiable, stand for the truth not the lie.
Optimistic, prepare for the worst and always hope for the best
Honour roll student
Nonchalant, peace is important to maintain order within the world and within one’s self
The Life of Jefin
I saw Rob, smiling.
He waved and looked towards the tent, he vanished.
Jed came from camp
A grin cracked from Jed’s face
It wouldn’t be good
I could feel a twisted grin
The voice hit me down
I hurried out of the mud
“Rob around?” I asked
“The Germans shot him” said Jed.
Rob’s dead
I wondered why the Hun blown him to bits
A firing squad at the Front shot him.

Machine guns and shrapnel cut down men like harvesting wheat
I was over the top, It was a terrible thing
Rob had been over more times than anyone
The gloom in my voice as waves of men cut down like harvesting wheat
It was obvious suicide
This attack mowed ‘em down
The Germans cut down the unit
It was impossible!
- The Trenches pg 92, 93
The life of Jefin- Acrostic
The biography of Jefin John- All about me
Engineering- Diamonte
Life- Diamonte
The Heart- Cinquian
Gloomy Weather -Cinquian
Mother- Cinquain
Medusa- Narritive
Cronos- Narritive
Our Ocean above- Metaphore
Art- Simile
Clouds- Concrete
The Circle of Life- Hiaku
Rob- Found
Mother Nature- Personification
The Night Goes on- Free verse
Nature- Free Verse

Thanks for Reading My poems!
Music - The Shire
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