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Borrowed culture power point

No description

Blaine Francis

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Borrowed culture power point

The cultural habits that California inherited from Mexico Borrowed
Culture Architecture! Example 1: modern day buildings
missions from hundreds of years ago celebrations! Example 2: festivals (folklorico, musica)
Cinco De Mayo
Santa Barbara Fiesta Landmarks! Example 3: Cities
geography Food! Example 4: Tacos
The list goes on and on! Religion! Example 5 Catholicism
crucifix jewelry Thank you! Culture The lifestyles of a person that you see at a first glance
"the tip of the iceberg" Surface culture music, clothes, food, art, language, games, celebrations What exemplifies surface culture? The particular beliefs of a certain social, ethnic, or age group. What is Culture? The culture inside a group, both unspoken rules and unconscious rules Deep Culture When you break one of these rules, you might end up in a "You just don't DO that!!!" moment. Unconscious Rules If someone were to break these, it would be a "What are you DOING?" moment. Unspoken rules Def: culture that was borrowed from another source courtesy, conversation patterns,concept of time, personal space, rules of conduct,eye contact, etc. concept of beauty, concept of past and future,concept of self, attitude towards elders, tone of voice, definition of insanity, etc.
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