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Ashley H.

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Canada

Welcome to

Founded on July 1st, 1867
Canada has participated in thirty world-wide wars since mid 1700's.
The first inhabitants were the native Indian peoples, primarily the Inuit. (Eskimos)
The largest ethnic group in Canada is the native Canadian ~ 32%
The English ethnicity is the second largest ethnic group ~ 21%
The French ethnicity is third largest ~ 15.8% The rest of the population is covered by Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, Italian, etc.
Many tourists are attracted to Canada because of its breathtaking mountains and lakes. - Skiing -
Canada's climate varies wildly. Some territories reach 95°F while others can drop to a chilly temperature of -13°F! The coldest temperature ever recorded was -81°F in Snag, Yukon!
Canada has a wide variety of animal species(about 70,000!) but the eight most iconic animals include: The beaver, polar bear, moose, loon(bird), Canadian goose, husky dog, musk ox, and the Canadian lynx.
Canada has a large variation of flora.
* Bellflowers
* Blue Vervain
* Maple trees
* Cedar trees
* Pine trees

Popular cultural pastimes in Canada include: Hockey, lacrosse, sled dog racing, and curling! The majority of these sports were brought from the French and English colonizers.
Many Canadians like to eat things they can top with maple syrup, because the maple leaf is symbolic to Canada.
More Society
More History
The majority of Canadians are Christians ~ Catholic Church having the most adherents. Christians - 67% of population.
The French colonization established the Roman Catholic Church in Nova Scotia and Quebec in the17th century.
More Geography
Canada's area covers 3,849,674 sq miles. It is the world's second largest country, and its capital is in Ottawa, Ontario. The highest point is Mount Logan(19,850 ft.)in Yukon.
Fun Facts!
Canada is one of the only countries in the world that sells milk in bags!
Alberta has a National Park larger than Switzerland!
Vancouver hosts an annual bathtub race each year!
by Ashley H.
Canadian music has been heavily influenced by American culture. Many Canadians listen to similar music as Americans do. Their first radio stations - 1920's.
Mandrick, Jason.
Operation World.
Colorado Springs. Biblica, 2010. Print.
More Fauna
Moose ~ Herbivores, 10-15 years, antlers span more than six feet!
Husky Dog ~ Long and thick fur coat, carnivores, they originated in Siberia.
Canadian Lynx ~ Appearance similar to a bobcat, carnivores, hunt and travel alone.
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Canada!
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