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Reproduction and Breeding of Dogs

No description

Jewel Randolph

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Reproduction and Breeding of Dogs

Reproduction and
Breeding of Dogs: Facts about dog breeding: Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to purchase a canine: Finding the Right Dog Breed: Breeding Facts Birthing & Raising Puppies And now for a hands on activity.... :) -A dog's average gestation period is 57-67 days. Puppy Mills -Puppy mills are places where people breed dogs continually to make a profit when selling them. They are usually put in unsanitary conditions, without food, and care. -Dogs at puppy mills are not usually purebred, and the breeders usually lie about the dog's lineage. -Litter sizes can range from 1-14 puppies depending on the breed of dog. Mixed Breeds Puggle= Pug + Beagle Labradoodle = Labrador Retrevier + Poodle Border Collie + Cocker Spaniel Bernadane, or Saint Dane = Saint Bernard + Great Dane -After puberty, which is when the dog nears adulthood and reproductive organs are completely developed (around 6-24 months of age depending on the dog breed), female dogs, called bitches, go into the estrus cycle, or are in heat. -The estrus cycle is a period of time when the female is receptive, or will allow the male dog to breed with her. The size of the dog as an adult
If you would want an indoor or outdoor dog
The amount of space needed for the dog
Grooming needs
Training needs
Health care needs
Breed health issues
Your schedule -Breeding usually occurs 10-11 days after signs of estrus. -Breeding usually occurs every other day until the female doesn't allow it Whelping: -Whelping is the labor process of dogs. -A whelping box should be provided to the female 2-3 weeks before the due date. -Some signs of whelping are:
restless and anxious behavior
stop eating 24 hrs. prior to labor
circling and uncomfortable
panting -Labor occurs 8-12 hrs after signs of whelping. -Dystocia is when a dog is having a difficult labor. when a female tires during labor
a puppy becomes stuck in the birth canal.
puppy is too large to enter the birth canal. Colostrum is the first 24 hrs. of milk that contains antibodies to protect the immune system. Antibodies protect the puppies from disease until a vaccine program is started. Mixed Breeds are dogs that are born with two different parents, and exhibit characteristics and features of two or more different breeds Examples: Puppy Facts
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