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Lake Tyers


Clark Hillsley

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers Campfires are permitted only when all flammable materials on the ground and in the air above (leaves, branches, etc) are cleared for a distance of 3 m from the fire. Make sure the fire is out, preferably with water, before being left unattended.
No fires are to be lit on days of Total Fire Ban.
Toilet areas must be at least 100 m from the high water line and all waste must be buried.
Lake Tyers Forest Park is of high conservation significance. All plants and animals are protected.
Take your rubbish with you.
Firearms are not permitted within the Forest Park.
Vehicles and motor bikes may only drive on formed roads. They must be registered and drivers must be licensed.
Gas fires are recommended.
Please do not cut down any standing timber.
Please keep the noise levels down.
Generators and chainsaws are not permitted. MInimal Inpact Stratages This area has a rich Aboriginal heritage as well as great natural beauty and values. Aboriginal History Activities There is good canoeing in the tranquil and scenic waters and a self guided walk through a warm-temperate rainforest gully at the Silvertop picnic area.
Lake Tyers Forest Park offers opportunities for low impact bush camping in a natural environment with fishing in the lake and on the Ninety Mile Beach nearby.
There are many kilometres of forest roads, walking tracks and picnic sites at Blackfellow Arm, Burnt Bridge, Caligurnie Bay, Cherry Tree, Crystal Bay and Long Point.
Lake Tyers is also an excellent birdwatching location. Honeyeaters are quite common.
Toorloo Arm Rainforest Walk is a 40 minute loop starting from the Silvertop picnic area on Cherry Tree Track off Burnt Bridge Road.
The Lonely Bay Walk is around the arm from Blackfellow Track to Pile Bay Road.
Industries Industries near Lake Tyers are the Oakley Fibreglass Industries, Wel-Guard Metal Industries, Arrow-Craft Industries, Haack's Industries and Oz Component Industries Interesting Info
In a valley to the east of Lakes Entrance are the township, lake and 5300-hectare forest park of Lake Tyers, all named after Charles Tyers, a public servant who was appointed as the first commissioner for crown lands in Victoria in 1843.

The outlet to the sea is usually closed by a sand bar which was once used as a crossing for stage coaches on the Lakes Entrance to Orbost run. Access and walking tracks thread through the red ironbark, Gippsland grey box, mountain grey gum and blue gum - the remnants of an old rainforest.

It is common to see Lake Tyers as three separate destinations. 1. The lake itself. 2. The township which is known as Lake Tyers Beach and 3. Lake Tyers which is an area which includes the Aboriginal Trust land known as Bung Yardna.
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