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spot CD

No description

Raluca Bogdan

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of spot CD

East Centric Arhictecture Triennale 2016
Critical Discourses

45 entries from 12 countries
11 nominated papers
2 public presentation sessions
2 conferences of special guests
Members of the jury
the need for an East Centric perspective
the absence of critical discourse
the competition
Theoretical Approaches

Grigoraș Ruxandra
, Imagining Bucharest_Instruments for the Nothingness
Heinzl Tincuta
, Designatures. Economies of Design, Politics of Participation
Julean Dana
, An Essay on the Concept of Monument Drifting Between Place and Fetishism
Movilă Andreea & Pietrosian Monika
, Oedipian Momentum MANIFESTOES
Popa Stefan Cristian
, Notes on the ‘mioritic space’
11 nominated papers /
2 sections
Practical Approaches

Cazacu Silvia
, The Danube Delta between tradition and the society of the spectacle
Gradinariu Stefana
, Critical Realism of the Fourth Nature
Pavelic Tomislav
, In Search of a Lost Paradigm
Pfaff Petra
, The City as Monument
Purcaru Simina
, Restoring poiēsis and praxis in architecture – The School of Bunești
Tabacu Gabriela
– Architect Florea Stănculescu
the outcome?
module coordinator:
Ionuț Butu
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