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Once B

daniela ramirez

on 21 August 2012

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HUNGER IN PARIS main characters In this chapter, the story begins in 1667 when Louis XVI ruled and to all the people unhappy.
He commented that they liked and what was the work of each of the Musketeers. The Musketeers go to the island of St Marguerite to rescue Philippe.
To achieve its mission of priests dress up and enter the prison with the excuse that there is a prisoner to be executed and they have to confess.
Philippe to see you have the reason that this prisoner was to look only reason the king and they were twins.
Aramis it hangs on the shoulders to escape.
To warn soldiers fouquet Musketeers is coming so fast escape from there CHAPTER 3
THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK Fouquet louis tells the king that has a twin brother who was in prison, thanks to Athos, Porthos and Aramis managed to escape from there.
Fouquet mentions that Philippe wants to take the kingdom only to be killed.
D'Artagnan hears this and contradicts Foquet saying that Philippe is a good boy.
The king takes the decicion hear them leave but to live with his brother in prison, that will best bring the heads of traitors Musketeers. CHAPITER 4
THE BIG DECISION The Musketeers are separated from Fouquet to escape.
D'Artagnan meets the Duchess's carriage and asks for help, she hides it in the same carriage.
Later in the way they find Fouquet which asks for the Musketeers, but denied having seen the Duchess.
D'Artagnan income where the designer of the king, Percerin which asks you to make a dress like the king of the party, he does.
In this place again find Fouquet who has his suspicions and try to find information about what they plan the Musketeers. CHAPTER 6
A VISIT TO THE KING'S TAILOR The Musketeers want to meet as friends who were earlier and told their life stories.
Knowing that the king's brother was a prisoner decided to put together a plan to rescue him.
D'Artagnan refused this request because he had sworn allegiance to King Louis and I could not betray. CHAPTER 2
The King's Birthday Party D'Artagnan seeks help from Louise de la Valliere to change the brothers.
The Musketeers are disguised countesses and Louise enter in the king's room.
The Musketeers tied to Louis and Philippe dress like her brother.
Despite the fights and the cries of Louis saying that he was not the traitor no one believed him and took him to prison. CHAPTER 9
THE FINAL ATTEMPT The Musketeers are a Louis prisoner in St Marguerite and they put the mask making pay so all the damage he did.
Philippe governing.
All the country of France was completely happy.
D'Artagnan was married to Louise de la Valliere.
Porthos continued to gain weight, Aramis praying, Athos making cheese and so were happy.
Fouquet died ten years later in prison CHAPTER 10
A Visit To The Bastille Presentado Por:
Daniela Ramirez
Diana Moreno D'Artagnan meets philippe and decides to help the Musketeers with the execution of the plan.
Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan began training to fight and Philippe resembling Louis.
They warn the musketeers that Fouquet looking for this one and rapid they hide. 11B The King's birthday and the
Musketeers want everything to go
well when the brothers share

Philippe was too nervous because I
had to choose his mother or his
wife to dance but he did not know
who they were and was wrong to

Fouquet was suspicious of this
strange king until he found the
mistake that Philippe was an
a traitor

King Louis was gagged and had
the Musketeers

The Musketeers manage to escape
but to philippe locks him in the
prison of the castle The Musketeers were hiding in a church where
they were safe

D'Artagnan arrives to demand that place the
Musketeers rescuing philippe since this is
not deserved.

They devised an excellent plan that was to go
dressed as musketeers

Philippe rescued but found out of prison so they
had to fight and escape.
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