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No description

Jacint Castells

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of 3D HUBS

1. Upload your 3D design
- The file extension must be STL and the expected unit is mm
Several programs (Autodesk, Autocad, GrabCad...)
You can pay a professional designer
- 3D hubs offers email support to scale your design
- To design a product :
- To check your design :
3D hubs check your design but not make changes
You can check your design using programs
- After your hub accepts you will receive a confirmation email
- 3DHUBS offers :
- Payment: Using credit card, Paypal and local payment services (cash)

- Pick-up / Shipment: Both options available. Shipping costs are not added in the automatic cost calculation


-Review: Requested to makers by 3DHUBS automatically, reviews are used to provide feedback for other makers as advice in their Hub selection. Rating and text are available:

- Text: Any comment about the service
- Rating: From 0 to 5 stars can be assigned to:
- Print Quality
- Speed
- Service
- Communication
How to 3D print
1. Upload
2. Search
3. Order
4. Pay
5. Pick up
3DHUBS origin
- Brian Garret and Bram de Zwart worked for 3D Systems

- No one was actually fulfilling the real promise of 3D printing

- They felt more people should have access to this world changing technology

- They provide 1 billion people worldwide with access to a 3D printer within 10 miles
3DHUBS business model
2. Search a Hub
- Platform: 3DHUBS links hubs (3D printers) and customers/makers.

- Cost-based pricing: 3DHUBS adds 18% from total price

- The 3D printing community already has more than 8441 print locations (hubs) in 250 cities

- Headquartered in
the Nederlands
and recently in
New York
There are two different groups of people aims to reach and serve

- Multi-sided platform:
- Two interdependent Customer Segment
- People who design a product and want to print it
- People who have printers and want to get business from that

Both segments are required to make the business model work

- Avoid centralization:

- Less time response

- Large types of materials and high availability (The market is global (250 cities/80 countries).

- People who can get profits from their printers (free to add your printer model)

- The possibility of choosing the printer depending on the site, price, material, colors, shipping options, and feedback

- Ability to share projects, show printed objects, announce events (Talk) and integration with software to simplify design creation(API)
- Meetings and events

- Platform / web page: feedback, forum, mail support for makers "design" and for any question for hubs to the company.

- The post service to deliver the product
3DHUBS community
Mainly they have to establish and keep two types of relationships, with the hubs and with the makers

Mayors organize meetings and events to collect new 3D printers owners
- 3DHUBS provide Hubs the platform to contact clients
- Discounts provided by 3DHUBS agreements with other companies

- 3DHUBS use co-creation with makers who do the design they want
- Makers can choose the printers which fit them well (self service)
- Give order support and have money back guarantee
3 types of entities:

- Makers: Contact through 3DHUBS to the hubs they want

- Hubs: 3D printer owners that are announced in 3DHUBS web page
- They are under privacy and anti-copy protection.
- Put the price they want
- Printers listed for free

- Mayors: Hubs with influence power to organize events/meetings with their same zone Hubs. Put new Hubs and local audience inside 3DHUBS network


- Makers give feedback to Hubs that others appreciate in order to print their designs

- Platform also brings Hubs closer to other makers and 3D printing enthusiasts in their city

- 3DHUBS Talk let learn about new projects and fresh inspiration from other people’s designs
3. Order
- After clicking the "Send request to hub" you can :
Ask questions
Confirm the delivery times
- The hub has 24 hours to respond
- Makers are going to pay for the physical products

- A percentage of fees "15% fee + 3% of taxes (VAT) from Nederland" goes to the company

-Payment using credit card, Paypal and local payment services.
3D design checking
Support material
to maintain web page and platform (e.g: Mayors)

Web page
(platform) and the
(who will also need materials. They have discounts for being part of the 3D hubs platform)
- Taxes : 15% (3D hubs incomes) + 3% (Netherland taxes)
- Cost calculation :
- For FDM printers (fused deposition modeling) cost is based on the amount of material used
- For the others (SLA, SLS) cost is based on the
volume of the object
Thanks for attending
Any question?

4. Payment and Pick-up
Response time
- 3D hubs has dropped the average delivery time to 1,2 days from submission to pick up
- Competitors like Shapeways still take out about a week for their fastest material
- Create and maintain a 3D printers network

- Taking care of each maker can find a correct Hub in terms of proximity, price, materials, etc... and deliver in around 2 days.

- Get new Hubs and check their "printers" in order to know which kind of products are able to produce.

- Take care of the payment, do file fixing and maintain web page as channel

-R&D to develop new cost calculation algorithms and APIs
Network of suppliers that make the business model work:

- materials (e.g: colorFabb)
- software companies like AutoDesk (API)
- shipping companies (UPS)
- seed founding round leaded by Balderton Capital

-Cost needed to maintain the service (
web server

-Research & Development
Customer Segments
Value Propositions
Customer Relationships
Revenue Streams
Key Resources
Key activities
Key Partnerships
Cost Structure
3DHUBS canvas
Jacint Castells
Aleix Masdeu
Jordan Rojas
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