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Is texting taking its toll on correct usage of language?


Sid Sidani

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of Is texting taking its toll on correct usage of language?

Is Texting Having It's Toll on correct usage of language? According to a recent study a typical Female teen in the U.S.A sends an average of 80 text messages per day and a male sends an average of 30 per day. - Healthnews.com Some children have been limited to only 5000 a month nytimes.com BUT WHAT TOLL DOES IT TAKE ON OUR CORRECT USAGE OF LANGUAGE? The general thinking is that the more teenagers text, the more likely it is that abbreviations such as OMG (for "Oh my God") or mangled or simplistic syntax will seep into their schoolwork. But educators say those concerns are without merit and are not based on research.

Teachers say the informal writing style that defines text messages can be incorporated into class lessons. And a new study from California State University researchers has found that texting can improve teens' writing in informal essays and many other writing assignments.
Then there are health concerns associated with texting. News reports have cited physicians and phychiatrists' fears that the practice of texting could take a toll on the childrens sleeping patterns and thier ability to think for themselves. KAT ROCKS Researchers also are speaking out against texting while driving; they say it can be more dangerous than drunk driving.
-http://www.usnews.com mn Although..... at the child's point of view texting isn't all that bad, it's a simple way to contact friends families and co workers and can help the shy overcome their fears. BY Rida
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