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California Water Supply System

New 1

Dylan Giordanengo

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of California Water Supply System

Where Does California's
water come from? Rainfall Snow What happens to this water? Groundwater in California Average Annual Precipitation=58cm Some Places average 610cm annually Some infiltrate soil leading to ground water CA uses 50% available groundwater annually CaIifornia's Water Supply System 70% of which occur north of Sacramento 15 cm of snow melted= 2.5cm of water Runoff enters streams and rivers Held in reservoirs to be used at a later date Nearly 60% during years of drought California Usages California's Agriculture industry uses an estimated 80% of the developed water supply annually The Residential sector uses roughly 12% Agriculture Uses 80% of developed Water supply
Averages 310 gal/res./day Residental Roughly 260% less water use that agriculture
Averages 119 gal/res./day California
System Los Angeles Aqueduct Built in 1913
Diverted water from Owens Valley to L.A
Today feeds up to 80% of L.A. water suppy Colorado Aqueduct Built in 1940
Supplies So. Cal., 6 other states, and Mexico
Supplies parts of L.A.
In 1947 the San Diego Aqueduct branched off supplying the S.D. region
Hoover Damn generates alot of electricity for So. Cal. Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct Built in 1934
Delivers water from Hetch Hetchy to San Francisco
Has been expand to supply all S.F. and 50 other communities Central Valley Project (CVP) One of the World's largest water supply systems 22 Reservoirs with 11 million acre-feet Provides drinking water for 2 million people Irrigates 3 million acres of farmland! State Water Project (SWP) Contains 20 reservoirs Holds 5.8 million acre-feet Transport water 3 million acre-feet The average north of Sacrmento is around 254cm annually Irrigation Livestock Industrial Domestic What is a water supply system? CVP Reservoir
Facilities Trinity
S. Joaquin SWP Cities Napa
Santa Clara Valleys Pote Water Shortage Potential Consequences of Global Warming Flooding Increase in snow melt will increase water release into reservoir system
Reservoirs will release water earlier and at a faster rate
The increased stream flow and velocity will eroded the levee system faster than expected Snow pack Smaller as temperature rises

Melt earlier as temperature rises

More rainfall than snowfall Sierra Nevada Snow pack Holds a third of the state's water Saltwater Contamination The Sac-S.Joaquin Delta outlets to S.F. Bay
If freshwater decreases the saltwater border will advance upstream
If saltwater reaches point where freshwater branches off into canal system it could jeopardize water supply for 23 million
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