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Physical Science Project

No description

Kristofer Brancamp

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Physical Science Project

Physical Science Project
Apply Newton's Three Laws of Motion:
INSTRUCTIONS: In this project, you will apply Newton's laws of motion to real lifeactivites such as amusement park rides, everyday actions, rockets, sports, and Earth processes.
Newton's 1st Law
An example for the first law would be Volley Ball. When you hit the ball with your hand it will continuously move until gravity brings it back down.
Newton's 2nd Law
A real life example would be if you one day decide to rearrange the furniture in your room, plus all your decor. You would then find that pushing all the fruniture is a lot harder to shove/push away things in your way. (pillows, lamps, books, etc.)
Newton's 3rd Law
If you want to hang a picture, you grab a hammer and a nail. Once you hammer the nail into the wall you may not feel it but the wall is pushing back with the same force onto the nail.
No matter what you may think gravity will always hold you down.

And nothing shall move unless a force acts upon it.

A force will push against you if you push against something with mass.
The volley ball would be the object in motion.
Gravity would be the force that stops the object (volley ball) in motion.
So if I push the desk to the opposite wall which is 4 meters for 15 seconds. The spedd that the desk went would be 0.27m/s
The act of pushing against an object, there would be a force of the same amount pushing back.
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