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madiha jabbar

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Instagram

What is Instagram?
Instagram is an online social network which allows you to upload photos & videos. It is a mobile app which is free in all app stores, you can use it on other devices (phones, tablets, computers etc.) Not only can you share photos and videos but you can also look at other peoples posts such as relatives, friends and even celebrities!
Fun Facts
I think Instagram will slowly become even more popular. More and more people will soon be creating users and posting more pictures and Instagram's popularity will increase. It may even be in the top 3 most used social networks. But one problem is that Instagram might turn out like Facebook. More and more people will start using it and eventually in a couple of years, not a lot of people will use it and it's going to make people loose interest in it. It may even have a couple of changes that people wouldn't like. So I think Instagram's either going to be even more popular or it'll eventually become boring for some people.

No Filter is actually the most popular filter on Instagram
The celebrity with the most selfies is Kylie Jenner
When it was bought by Facebook Instagram only had 13 employees
As of 2014 16 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram
Number of likes per day is 1.2 billion; that’s 8500 likes per second
In your opinion, what does the future hold for this technology?
This social network started gaining more users everyday, with over one million active users by April 2012 and over 300 million by December 2014 and it is still popular till this day. Earlier this year, Instagram was hit 200 million users. Since 2010, it took 3 and a half years to hit one million. Compared to other social medias, that is impressing. Facebook took 5 years and Twitter took 6 and a half to hit one million. It is the fastest growing social media site and is still successful till this day.
Instagram was first developed in San Francisco, United States. The name "Instagram" is a blend word of "instant camera" and telegram".
Instagram is currently the 4th most common social media sites used.
What is the history of this invention?
The original creators of Instagram are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram was launched on October 6th, 2010. It was first developed in San Francisco, United States. Facebook made an offer to purchase Instagram, along with its 13 employees, for approximately $1 billion in cash in April 9th, 2012. Facebook has made Instagram more and more popular.
1 million users (Dec 12, 2010)
150 million photo uploads (Aug 3, 2011)
4 new filters (Sept 20, 2011)
10 million users (Sept 26, 2011)
"IPhone App of the Year" (Dec 9, 2011)
Launched on Android phones (Apr 3, 2012)
Bought by Facebook (Ap 9, 2012)
80 million users (July 26, 2012)
Launch of photo maps (Aug 16, 2012)
New mobile profile pages (Sept 13, 2012)
Rolls out profiles for web (Nov 5, 2012)
Web feed rolls out (Feb 5, 2013)
100 million users (Feb 26, 2013)
Tag photos (May 2, 2013)
Instagram videos (June 20, 2013)
Edit posts (July 10, 2013)
150 million users (Sept 6, 2013)
Updates for iOS7 (Sept 25, 2013)
Sponsored photos and videos (Oct 24, 2013)
Direct message (Dec 12, 2013)
What is the current state of this invention?
150 million monthly active users
16 billion photos shared
1.2 billion likes everyday
55 million photos per day
Who is/are the current owner/s?
Facebook currently owns Instagram ever since April 2012.
Who were/are the main consumers of the technology?
Many people across the world uses Instagram. The 3 countries that use the this technology the most are, United States, Brazil & Japan. It has become so popular in so little time. Over 90% of the 150 million users are under ages 35.
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