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canterbury tales dinner party

No description

michelle troup

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of canterbury tales dinner party

THE SUMMONER THE COOK LADY BATH THE SQUIRE THE DOCTOR MERCHANT KNIGHT FRANKLIN SKIPPER FROM DARMOUTH FRIAR HUBERT PRIORESS OXFORD CLERIC CANTERBURY TALES PROJECT: BY MICHELLE TROUP, ALEXIS ELROD, KAYLA BUTTENBACH, AND NATASHA HARRELSON THE OUT/ INN THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION We placed the Squire next to Lady Bath. This would be a good seating arrangement to have at the dinner party because it would be entertaining to listen to their conversation. The Squire would be trying to hit on Lady Bath because she was considered to be a 'sexy woman' and he was a lady chaser. Lady Bath is a woman who has quite a bit of experience with men and is looking for another husband. This relationship will be increasingly amusing because the Summoner will be trying to hit on Lady Bath as well from across the table, but to no avail. We placed the Cook and the Doctor next to each other. This would be a good match to sit next to each other because they could discuss the open sore on the Cook's knee. It would give both of them conversation that they could relate to for the evening. Their conversations might not be very entertaining, but they would occupy each of the two involved. Also, it might gross out whoever is listening to them talk. We decided to sit the Cook and the Summoner together. This would be a good match-up because they could both talk about their unfortunate bodily deformations. They could discuss how people react to them due to them. The Summoner could discuss his pimples while the Cook could discuss the gaping sore on his knee. This would completely gross out whoever was within earshot of the conversation and would provide with some interesting conversation from upset people trying to eat!!! We decided to seat the Prioress and Friar Hubert next to each other. We did this because they share a lot in common since they are both employed by the church. They could possibly discuss the living conditions or other things about their job. Also, they could discuss their own personal religious beliefs. Another reason we decided to put them together is because we figured that they would get along and cause little conflict. We decided to seat the Squire and the Franklin next to each other. We did this because they both enjoy the "pleasures" of life and figured that they could discuss them. This conversations would probably provoke several very risque stories. These stories would be very amusing and be sure to offend some of the people at the table which cause conflict. The Squire and the Franklin will probably become friends throughout the course of their journey. We decided to seat the Doctor and the Oxford Cleric next together. They would be a good match-up because they both are highly educated and enjoy talking in a highly sophisticated speech. Their conversations may not be understood by the other people at the table, but the two of them will understand. While discussing different topics that are important to that time, they may have differing opinions and start arguing. In this time, arguing at the dinner table was their equivalent to reality TV. This would add to the unique atmosphere of the dinner party. We decided to seat the Skipper from Dartmouth and the Prioress next to each other. This would be a good match-up because they are complete opposites. The Prioress is very prim and proper. The Skipper from Dartmouth is incredibly uncouth and has a severe lack of anything resembling manners. Since the two of them are such opposites, it will be entertaining to see how they get along. They will more than likely to find themselves in conflict and that will be funny because the Skipper will start cussing and the Prioress will be too proper to really yell back. We decided to seat the Franklin and the Skipper from Dartmouth next to each other. This would be a good match-up because they both enjoy getting drunk and they could swap their stories, the ones that they could remember that is. The two of them could also talk swap their stories with the Squire. These three sitting next to each other could provide lively conversation that would more than likely add to the Skipper's conflict with the Prioress. We decided to seat the Knight and the Summoner next to each other. This would be a good match-up because they both have low moral standards. The Knight is sleezy and is very high in rank. Even though the Summoner is just a petty officer of the church, he blackmails people so he is equally as bad. Their low moral standards will give the two something to relate to each other on and promote conversation. We decided to seat Lady Bath and the Merchant next to each other. This will be a good match-up because it will probably lead to heated conversation. Before long, he is bound to bring up his recently failed marriage where his wife fooled around on him. He'll get to talking about how much he hates women and how failed relationships are always the woman's fault. This will naturally infuriate Lady Bath who has had five failed marriages already. Naturally she will disagree with the Merchant and claim that the reason a relationship fails is because of a man's need to control. Lady of Bath and Squire:
“Well hello, Mr.Squire, lovely seeing me sitting next to you.”
“The pleasure is all mine Lady of Bath. You look lovely.”
“Why, what a compliment coming from someone so young and handsome.”
“I am not so young.”
“Don’t be offended, youth is a gift.”
“I may be young in age, but old in experience.”
“So you say you are wise?”
“Yes Mi Lady.”
“Only the arrogance of youth would say that, squire.”
“Who do you think you are to acquire such a thing?”
“Again Sir Squire, do not be offended by my jokes. I tease.”
“How guile you are Lady Bath.” Conversation #1 We decided to seat the Merchant and the Knight next to each other. They were matched-up because we did not think that they would have much to discuss so that they could focus on their other more interesting conversations. More than likely, they would not come into any kind of conflict. The two of them would not have much in common to talk about except for their wealth. The Knight is wealthy and has a high rank while the Merchant only pretends to be rich. Even though the Merchant is actually in a lot of debt, he is very good at pretending to be wealthy. The Summoner and Cook:
“ Hello Cook, did you help make this fine meal?”
“Oh no Summoner, I actually wanted a good meal!”
“That’s good to here, now we have no fear of food poising!”
“So summoner, what’s wrong with your face?”
“Excuse me? Well cook the same thing that’s wrong with yours!”
“I didn’t mean to call you ugly, just wondering why all the blemishes?”
“Why do you have a sore on your knee? You would think for a cook you would be cleaner. I may take that up with somebody.”
“No! I won’t be able to cook anywhere then!”
“Think about that next time you insult me miscreant!”
“Think about this conversation next time I cook for you!” Conversation #2 We decided to seat the Friar Hubert and the Oxford Cleric next to each other. This would be a good match-up because they both are highly educated and use sophisticated language. They would also have something to talk about since they both run institutions. Friar Hubert is in charge of running/maintaining his monastery and the Oxford Cleric is responsible for running/maintaining of the college where he is employed. The two of them probably get along well since they have things to relate to on and both like to talk a lot. 1st Course: Unclean water and mead, Unleaven Bread 2nd Course: Pork and vegetable Stew 3rd Course: Roasted Lamb, Veal and Oysters, and Parsnips. 4th Course: Payne Foundewe (bread pudding) This ties to the text because this is what they ate during the Medieval Times, which is when the Canterbury Tales was set. "with a forking beard and motley dress; high on his horse he sat." "And she was skilled wondering by the way. She had gap-teeth, set widely, truth to say." " a most distinguished man, from the day on which he first began to ride abroad followed chivalry." " a lover and cadet, a lad of fire. With locks as curly as if they had been pressed." "a wanton, one and merry, a Limiter, a very festive fellow." "He lived for pleasure and had always done." "riding a trot, finally myself- that was the lot." "He could make a good thick soup and a tastey pie, but what a pity- it seemed so to me that he should have an ucler on his knee." "Pleasent and friendly in her ways, and straining to counterfiet a courtely kind of grace, a stately bearing fitting to her place." "He never spoke a word more than need, short, to the point, and lofty in his theme." " The nicer rules of conscience he ignored. If, when he fought, the enemy vessel sank, he sent his prisoners hone; they walked the plank." "He knew, whether dry, cold, moist or hot; he knew their seat, their humor and condition.He was a perfect practicing physician."
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