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Trigg County High School

No description

Amy Breckel

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Trigg County High School

Fuel Ed:
Used for Extension classes not offered at TCHS as well as Remediation opportunities.
Math Class/Middlebury Foreign Language Lab
"I discovered emerging leaders and natural born speakers that I would have never guessed."
Anytime/Anywhere Learning
Blended Learning
Comprehensive Systems of Support
Blended Math is made up 15 students and 1 certified Math teacher.
Geometry and ALG II students working at their own pace through the curriculum. They have the possibility of working through two Math classes in one year if it fits their pace.
Our Foreign Language Lab is comprised up of 50+ students, and two adults who provide a multitude of cultural experiences while integrating technology to bring a unique experiences to TCHS.
Allows us to offer French, German, Spanish, Latin, and soon to add Mandarin Chinese.
ALG I and Geo have been broken down into 80 lessons to cover the Common Core curriculum.
All freshman have ALG I on an A Day and all sophomore students have Geo on a B Day. They have their fusion period on the opposite day.
Using common daily formative assessments students are broken into either intervention or extension groups
This gives students immediate feedback and help on lessons being currently taught. It also allows student who prove mastery the option to move ahead. Giving them the opportunity to personalize their learning.
District Of Innovation 2013
Empowering the Next Generation
21 C Movement
We Believe
Comprehensive Systems of Support Cont.
Some form of post-secondary education or training will be required for every student.
Preparing every single student for success, despite his or her socioeconomic status or background, is the measure of true achievement.  

Every student can succeed with the right model in of instruction in place.

This new approach will enable us to close the achievement gaps in learning, meet our four goals, and realize our newly shaped vision and mission.

Once a month TCHS holds a FLEX day. Its purpose is to provide intervention/extension activities.
Interventions are provided in all Core Academic Areas.
If students are on target in all areas then "non-traditional" seminars are provided by TCHS teachers and guests. Examples: yoga, podcasting, fetal pig autopsy, screen printing, medical forensics, deer hunting 101, cup cake making and many more.
Trigg County High School
We Know It's The Right Thing for Kids! Feedback From Last Freshman POL's 2014
We Know It's The Right Thing For Kids! Feedback From Freshman POL's 2014
"I noticed that the 4 groups that were called back to present, were not our "gifted" students, our students that do well on test to qualify gifted. These were students that were reached and able to shine and show their gifts in an entirely different way."
Collegiate Experience
Thoroughbred Academy
TCHS has made great partnerships during our innovation journey. Murray State University and our local Rotary club are great examples of those partnerships.
18 Seniors leave on Monday and 27 Juniors leave TCHS campus on Wednesday to attend MSU's campus to take college level classes.
These students have the chance to earn 25 hours of college credit.
Problem Based Learning
Freshman Cross Curriculum PBL
Sophomore Arts and Humanities
Infusing the Curriculum with 21st century skills
Providing students with real world authentic problems that need solutions
Teaching Content through problem solving instead of reaching learning in isolation
Collegiate Experience
The current freshman class as well as sophomore class are part of the Gear UP KY program.
There are two Gear UP advisors that work with our students to increase their understanding of college and career goals and what it takes to accomplish those goals.
Competency Based Learning
Computer Tech Applications

Freshman students traditionally took a CTA class as one of their CTE credits.
Students are currently earning that credit through a performance - based study.
Skills and products that will demonstrate student mastery of content are being developed collaboratively and integrated across Core classes.
Students then choose which pieces they use to demonstrate mastery and store them in a digital portfolio that is tracked by all parties involved: CTE teacher, Core teachers, as well as the students themselves.

English Classes 9-12/A & H/Mathematics
All English classes are using a Standards Based Grading System.
Homework is expected to be completed but is not counted in overall average.
Students must show mastery of a number of concepts expected at their grade level before credit will be given for that class.
Similar approaches are being implemented in Arts and Humanities and developed for Mathematics
Advisory: Reversing the Peer Effect
44 cross grade level groups
groups led by both faculty and staff members
positive peer pressure (freshman learning from Seniors etc.)
academic advising
team building activities
improving school spirit
student led conferences
application process for college and financial aid.
Creating a link between families and the school in order to facilitate better communication to insure success for all of our students.
A full week opportunity for all TCHS students and teachers to connect learning to personal interests and/or life outside of school.
Teachers will create courses based from student survey responses to help students find their passion.
Underclassmen will be participating in on site seminars as well as service learning opportunities.
Juniors and Seniors will be supported to find a week long job shadowing opportunity. TCHS hopes to expand these types of opportunities to 4 week internships for all juniors and seniors.
All students will be expected to offer presentation learnings to provide reflections of their experiences.
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