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Supporting students who Have difficulty learning Mathematics

No description

Simone Wallace

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Supporting students who Have difficulty learning Mathematics

Andrea Hillbrick @ Ceres Primary: Benchmarks: Identification of Students at Risk: Resources Available to support students with difficulty: - Mathematics Developmental Continuum - activities linked to specific levels/areas.

- Common Misunderstandings

- Peter Westwood - 1 minute Test of Basic Number Facts Part 2: Developing Understanding of
Fractions using number lines
and measurement models Why do students have difficulty with fractions?

- Natural Numbers
- Rational Numbers
- Need ways to represent fractions
- Whole number schemes
- Confident with rote procedures Misunderstandings in Fractions
and Decimals - based in a 3/4 classroom.

Visit involved useful activities, resources & planners
to assist misunderstandings in fractions - specific focus on representing and adding fractions. EXTRA Andrea Hillbrick Resources Supporting students who have difficulty learning Mathematics > Benchmarks - indicators or descriptors

> Minimal Acceptable Standard - critical levels

> Benchmarks: only essential elements
Some examples of assessment include:
- Mathematics Online Interview
- Fractions and Decimals Online Interview
- Assessment for Common Misunderstandings
- PAT Maths
- Peter Westwood One Minute Basic Number Facts tests
- Teacher designed tests
- Work samples
- Teacher observation

Are there any other sources of information that you use? Lesson Structure - Warm Up
- Whole Class Focus: including learning intention, success criteria, instructions
- Whole Class Task: including mini lesson & Teacher Roving
- Reflection Time
- Fraction Flip

- 10 Practical Tip Booklet

- Reflection Book - Reflection Strategies Where to next? Developing and promoting positive engagement and attitudes amongst all Winchelsea students and teachers in Mathematics. At Ceres PS we will be continuing our journey to use our Numeracy Guide based around the Developmental Continuum by adding more rich and authentic tasks to promote further understandings in Numeracy. What are some characteristics of students who have difficulty learning Mathematics?
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