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the consuls

No description

Mr. Stack

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of the consuls

The Roman Republic Government by Anish Sharma
When the Romans overthrew their Etruscan conquerors in 509 B.C.E the government started.The Romans created a government known as a republic.In a republic people elect a person or in other words,a representative to represent the people in the region.A republic is very different from a democracy.The wealthy class dominated the early Roman republic.The aristocrats (wealthy class) were known as patricians.Tradition said that patricians and plebeians should be strictly separated.Even a plebeian couldn't marry a patrician.Also, only men could vote
The consuls of Rome were the most powerful people in Rome.There were 2 consuls in Rome.They shared the power of controlling Rome. They elected the senate

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The Beginning
The consuls
The Senate
The history and overall things
The history of the Roman Senate goes as far back as Rome itself.At first it was a 100-person advisory group for the Roman kings.Gradually,it got expanded to 300 people.When kings were expelled from Rome,the senate were the most powerful governing bodies in Rome. Instead of being the head of the republic,they elected consuls.
The senate composed only Patricians.That means people of lower class did not have any impact on the government.The senate studied rhetoric and oratory to persuade other people who ruled rome.The senate made laws and convened the laws in the curia,a big building.In 300 B.C Rome conquered a lot of land.Around 82 B.C,dictator Sulla had hundreds of senators murdered and he gave the patrician places to non-patrician people.He also increased the senate to 600.Then Julius Caesar increased it to 900 people (it was reduced after his assassination).When

Here is a picture of the government.
The end of the Roman Republic
When the Roman Republic was conquered and the Roman Empire (It had a dictator instead of two consuls).The Senate were weakened under the rule of strong emperors.
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