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The Road to Leadership

A Grade 11 Life Orientation project on my plans for the future, and my dreams for Selborne College. The "Steps" correlate with question numbers in the assignment.

Jonathan Dutton

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of The Road to Leadership

The Road to Leadership
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Long term and short term plans
Next Year...
With discipline, dedication and determination I hope to retain competitive academic results, ensuring a University entrance, and the possibility of a bursary. By achieving 7A's in my Matric finals, I will make this goal more plausible. Starting this year, I plan to train with great intensity, so as to row for the first VIII and make this season Selborne's most successful in recent years.
University and there after...
Why Zoology?
My passion is conservation. To save what is dying and preserve what is left. To remind the world where true beauty lies, yet still let nature take it's course. The one God planned, not the one humans force.
From there, my plan is to study Zoology along with environmental conservation, and major in Ornithology. With that strong foundation, I plan to make a difference in wildlife conservation through field work, writing and research, by applying to various conservation programs, and wildlife reserves/ game parks.
Dream for Selborne??
My dream for Selborne is that next year, is a year of action. Where talk is cheap and our bite is much bigger than our bark. I plan to help debating become bigger and more competitive at Selborne, by promoting workshops and debates to the youngsters.
Also, by promoting an early morning exclusive training session to the senior oarsmen, I hope to increase morale, teamwork and competition.
I'd also like to advertise a tutoring group, with the help of other available Gr. 11/ Matrics, which will provide tutoring to any who wish, in the library after school, provided they make appointments.
How do I plan to use these as a Selbornian?
Moral- Set an example to the youngsters at Selborne;

Persistent: Persevere in making my goals at Selborne come true (training, academics etc)

Considerate: Be mindful of the respect I show both fellow classmates and teachers.

Positive: Help create a healthy atmosphere, both in the classroom and on the sports field

Honest: Honesty speaks for itself
I have a firm set of priorities, values and morals which I pride myself in adhering to. I believe I am strong in adhering to these, and not giving into peer pressure.
I like to think that I can persevere through any trial, as "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
I do my best to consider others in all decisions I make and all actions I perform, I always try to put myself in the shoes of those I consider, and I like people to know that they can come to me if they need advice comfort or even just an ear to listen.

I loathe it when others lie to me, and thus I would practice what I preach. After all honesty is the best policy, and the truth will set you free, no matter how cliche it sounds.
I do my utmost to disregard negative thoughts
and think positively. I believe this is the secret to success.
Bird Watching
President's Award

Life Saving

Tutoring Group
Help start a tutoring group in the school library which will
be available
to all those
who wish
to have it, by recruiting
willing tutors from each grade, and being
involved, myself.
Christian's Motorcycle Association:
I would like to earn my 'Colours' for CMA, by getting involved in the Christian motorcycle community; go to the national CMA bike rally; and working at track days at our local race track. The colours award comes in the form of a badge on a leather jacket (below).
Secure a job as a life guard, so as to ensure that i can earn my own money and begin to learn the values of supporting myself, and my own needs and wants. This will ensure that i better understand the concept of money before I leave for my studies.
Completing gold of the President's Award scheme will increase my chances of a university entrance of my choice, and will encourage me to be active in the community.
Increase my knowledge of
birds by
learning to
identify them
by sight and
sound so that I am fully prepared for the studies of my field of interest.
Family Time
Make extra effort
to spend more time with my family during my last year with them, to ensure that
I have learned all I can
from them.
Due to Ms. to the
Scott's debating
absence next society
year, I plan to insure
to do my a healthy
utmost to future for
commit myself the club.
Commit to rowing training, to help insure a
successful year.
By working hard to try and retain 7A's I will hopefully help uphold Selborne's academic reputation and perhaps set an example for the lower grades.
By promoting a positive attitude in class and in general for the class of 2014, I hope that we might be a strongly close class that exudes brotherhood, team work and a "can do" attitude.
End of Presentation

Please note that the Steps
correspond with the
question numbers
All in all I believe that the class of 2014 will prove to be a united, high achieving class which, will not only uphold the name of Selborne, but make it reverberate across the country and I hope that I can contribute to what I believe will be a year that echoes like the many voices that shout back at us at sing-songs.
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