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Californa Gold RUSH

No description

Christian Galloegos

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Californa Gold RUSH

The California Gold Rush started when a guy called John Sutter was building a sawmill, when two of his men found two gold nuggets. This is where the men started looking for gold to be rich. Immediately the word spreaded
Problems while traveling
Some of the men would travel by horse and covered wagons over land roots like the Oregon trail. Some of the men died of thirst because they were in the western deserts. So some went by sea. Also they faced months with rotten food, seasickness, disease, and just plain boredom, The journey would've took up to six months
Getting the gold and being rich
The men promised there family they would come back rich and have a better life. All the men work hard to get gold for them selves and for there families. Even though the task was hard the men were resilient and didn't give up because they wanted all the gold they could get before any body else could get it.
Gold fever
Americans were so caught up in gold fever and started to head towards North California by the thousands. They were called 49ers because they left in 1849. The journey was long and dangerous.
How it all started
Californa Gold Rush
By Christian Gallegos
How it all started
How they found gold
This how they found gold in back in the days and how they find gold today.
Routes for California gold rush
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