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Science Project "Other Land Resources"

Science Final Grade

Sebastian Montiel

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Project "Other Land Resources"

How do fuels form? Other Land Resources How do people affect the environment? Recycling Resources Vocabulary renewable resources: materials from the environment that people use that can be replaced relatively quickly.

nonrenewable resources: materials from the environment that people use that cannot be replaced.

pollution: a harmful change to the natural environment.

smog: a type of air pollution that can form over urban or industrial areas.

acid rain: acid that is form when the sulfur and nitrogen gases produced by burning fossil fuels combine with water vapor in the air and then fall to Earth as rain. Vocabulary landfill: a specially designed place where garbage is deposited into a lined pit.

biodegradable: the ability to break down naturally over time.

toxic waste: a collection of poisonous materials. The thing people do every day affect the environment. Like when pollution is harmful, change to the natural environment pollution occurs because Earth's land water and air have a limited capacity to absorb wastes and recycle them naturally. What are renewable resources? How do we affect the land? we harm the land by oil spills, deadly
gases, and land polluting Some of our energy can come from coal,oil,and natural gases. The fuels were formed over millions of years ago. Some of the formation of the coal began in ancient swamps. Some of the coal can generate some electricity. Fossil fuels are the nonrenewable resources because they take long to form. Renewable resources can be used again because they are formed. or would you
prefer One way scientists organize Earth's natural resources is by the time needed to produce them.Such resources are called renewable resources. One example is water, which is replenished through the water cycle. Solar energy, another renewable resource. Nonrenewable resources either cannot be replaced or take so long to replace that they are considered nonrenewable. landfill toxic waste clean earth renewable resource nonrenewable resource
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