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Why Charity?

Creative and remarkable writers are fashioned by their experience

Charity Kimmel

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Why Charity?

...until it becomes
something remarkable.
Like a snowflake,
which grows from a
single speck of sand,
engaging writing
grows and expands...
That creativity connects with readers,
but it creates a predicament.
To flourish in an economy where
face-to-face and virtual interactions
now have the same value,
writing has to find a happy place in both John Doe’s house and on a www address.
It takes a lot of
individual snowflakes
to make a snowman
What makes a writer
Remarkable and Creative

Let’s look again at our snowflake.
A snowflake’s unique shape
is affected by every encounter it has as it falls: wind, humidity, temperature,
and other forming snowflakes.
It makes the snowflake the
unique natural object we see.
“Over the course
of its life a snowflake may
go through many different
stages …, all of them leaving their
marks on the final flake.”
An extensive and varied writing history
has given me a snowfall’s worth of
creative potential, a unique combination of
complementary skills
covering a wide variety of
writing and marketing communications.
Nearly 30 years of experience that
helps me see things
in a new way
and connect
with readers.
That defines
my experience
You end up with memorable
copy and articles.
You see information presented
in a more imaginative way.
You find that reports can influence people
rather than put them to sleep.
What happens
when you hire someone creative with uniquely exceptional skills?
WHY Charity?
starts with a single, central

those skills requires
a wide variety of experiences
(just like the snowflake acquires
its design from a multitude of
factors as it falls.)
And this experience allows a good writer to see things differently.
This means that a writer
has to do
more than just observe
and record the details,
or exhibit technical proficiency
in one area.
This special kind of person also has to have a clear idea of the big picture
and how the details apply,
and she needs to be able to do this
on many different levels
to connect
with many different people.
That takes someone
Remarkable & Creative
And there are individuals
who are shaped in the same way by their work experience and history.
It’s like being able
to see both the
individual snowflakes
and the blanket of snow.
Or like understanding how
the snow crystal grows
and how to build
a snowman.
It influences new ways
of thinking and writing,
which then make it
possible to
connect the dots
(or grow the crystals)
within any kind of industry.
Which is great
if it positively
affects the
bottom line.
I have a record
of consistently stellar results,
so please take a look at the highlights on
Memorable writing connects
the reader with the subject,
...and it comes from
remarkable people.
Remarkable people strive for
remarkable results,
giving you articles and copy
as creative as snowflakes.
Interested in
contacting me?
(Or do you just want to know why I use a snowflake as my logo?)
They incorporate the most original
and useful skills from every
encounter and assignment
to help ensure they achieve
uniquely exceptional results.
The majority of the snowflake images in the Why Charity? Prezi courtesy of http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/
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Frame 14 - http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/565008.html,
She ends up
with a valuable
one-of-a-kind perspective.
"Why Charity?" created, written, and developed by
Charity Kimmel
Music by Wim Mertens
"Often a Bird"
My contact information is on the Home page
of my website.
Full transcript