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The street of the Canon!

No description

Candice Gregory

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of The street of the Canon!

The street of the Canon!
By: Josephina Niggli
In this story, the street of the Canon by Josephina Niggle there are two towns; San Juan Iglesias and Hidalgo. These two towns have been feuding for years, it all started when 3 men from the town of Hidalgo stole something very precious from the town of San Juan Iglesias. In May a mysterious man went into San Juan Iglesias carrying a package. He was there so he could attend Don Roméo Calderón's daughters 18th birthday.At this celebration everyone discovered who the mysterious man really was.

Exposition: A strange man enters the town of San Iglesias; The 18th birthday of Don's daughter.
Rising Action: The strange man asks Sarita's chaperon if he can have a dance; Sarita dances with the stranger.
Climax: The package the stranger brought was opened; while the two were dancing the man asked if he can get to know the young girl.
Falling Action: The stranger dissapears; people realize the cheese contained in the package is made in their neighboring town.
Resolution: The guest at the party discovered the stranger was Pepe Gonzalez; 1 out of the 3 who tried to steal Don Romels bones.
Plot Diagram:
Pepe Gonzalez (Mysterious man): Pepe is a dynamic character because even though he tried to steal Don Romolo's bones. He is now trying to fix it by bringing famous cheese to the town of San Juan Iglesias. Pepe says to Sarita "If I come back on Sunday will you walk around the plaza with me?" Just by saying this means he wants to come back and he wants things the way they use to be.
Sarita: Sarita would be classified as a Static character because she does not change throughout the story. Sarita states in the story, "She had a srong suspicion that she had danced that night within the circling arms of Pepe Gonzalez. "This means that even though she knew she had danced with a so called "devil" she stayed calm and was not mad.
Don Romeo Calderon-I would say this character is an example of a flat character because he has 1 to 2 traits during this story. At the beginging of he was happy and he greeted the stranger with open arms but towards the end he scolded his daughter for even daring to dance with a stranger.

Pepe (Mysterious man) wants to be forgiven for his actions. This Conflict is internal. The resolution to this conflict is he dissapears from the party after the guest discover who he really is, he is not forgiven
The two towns are arguing. This conflict is external. There really isn't a resolution to this conflict besides Pepe trying to show his respects and be forgiven.

The tone to this short story is bitter because the two towns do not get along because of the bones of Don Romolo. Another reason teh tone is bitter because when 1 of the 3 men went back to the town to so call apologize, the town found out and got all mad just because he was walking among them.
The tone to this story is bitter because the two towns are arguing over Don Romolo's bones. Also the town of San Iglesias got very angry when they discovered 1 of the 3 men who stole his bones were walking amoung them, and the town did not except Pepes apology package.
Neighbors are not really neighbors when you cannot resolve conflicts among one another. As seen in this story Pepe vanishes after knowing the town was very angry with him being there.

San Juan Iglesias, in may,night time, and at Sarita's 18 birthday. In this short story it states that the month was May. It also says the mans "dark" figure was moving through the streets which means it was more than likely night time. It also stes throughout the whole story that they were attending the 18th birthday of Sarita.
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