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Proyect Acce 3/4

raquel sulluchuco

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of ALP- ICPNA

ALP Acce 3/4 Thanks Holy Week in Ayacucho Vendimia's Festival San Juan Festival People eat "chorizo ayacuchano",
"ponche" and others dishes...
The people follow the procession
and mass all this days. Takes place from March 22 to March 31
in Ayacucho, Peru. Procession about the meeting of Christ and the Virgin Marie. ...and drink "pisco" and "cañazo" Some people tread grapes to extract the "mosto". It takes place
from March 1
to March 11
in Ica, Peru. People eat "Manchapecho", "Picante de pallares" and "Chocotejas"... There are concerts,
parades and
food fair. and drink wines, "Cachina" and "Pisco" Takes place on June 24th
in Iquitos, Peru. People dance the "Pandilla" ...and choose
"The best
Juane" People eat "Patarashca", "Juane" and
"Tacacho con Cecina" ...and drink "masato", beer
and aphrodisiac drinks.
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