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My life in 2020

No description

shannon lebleu

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of My life in 2020

My journey to becoming a photographer Highschool 2011-2015 College 2015-2020
NESOP Career Pathway 2019 and beyond During highschool i took a variety of classes. i took English and comp, History, Algebra, Geometry, Science, and some electives. My basic classes helped me improve with my skills for photography a lot more then before. I developed better writing and speaking skills and better math skills which will come in handy. Science helped by learning the nature of light and how it reacts when passing through different types of lenses. I took a graphic design class that helped me improve in advertisments, electronic media, and color management. I earned a perfect attendance award and got honor roll during my junior and senior year. In college i started out taking classes that related really well with photography and would challenge me and help me improve even more on my skills. Unlike other colleges, this college lets you choose a major and a minor. The past 4 years i have gotten a deeper understanding of photography and how i want my photography to have a connection with me and the people who view my work. They show you how you dont want to have the same shoot each time, but you do want to create your own unique style as a photographer. During college i was on the Basketball team and it was really fun. I earned honor roll and a perfect attendance award. Having a job as a photographer you get paid about $35,980 per year. Someone who is confident in their work, and has very fluent speaking skills and know how to switch things up a little bit and not always give the same picture. Some of the main duties of a photographer is not only taking pictures but its having to watch your assistant and location and lighting setup, customer service, and knowing the pricing and budget of your company. Some positives of being a photographer are meeting lots of people, possibly travel to interesting places. Some negatives are maybe getting low pay, working long hours, and having competition.
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