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Engaged Scholarship Summit

No description

Monique Bryson

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Engaged Scholarship Summit

Continue the Vision of Family Voices Engaged Scholarship Summit
Spring 2013 Providing Accountability and Building Capacity:
The Family Voices Mentor-Tutor Professional Development Seminar
Interdisciplinary Human Ecology 501: Special Topics Course
( School of Human Ecology; Spring 2012) From Mentee to Mentor A Community-University Partnership
Based at the
Boys & Girls Club of Dane County (Taft Site) Family- University Partnership Family Organizing 2002 2006 Family-School Relations Enhancing Academic
Achievement 2004 "Service Learning Enriches UW Mentor-Tutors And Larger Family Partnership " 2010 Partnering for Success 2012 Distinctive focus: engaging African American families & connecting youth with African American college success models Mentor-Tutors build relationship, tutor on school subjects with parent wishes in mind and support children participating in enrichment activities Engage parents and families through regular communications, program visit meetings and workshops Marian Slaughter
Morgridge Engaged Scholar
Ph.D Disertator
Dept of Curriculum and Instruction
School of Education Chloe Brown
Legal Studies & Sociology
GWS & Global Health Certificate
College of Letters & Science Longevity with Family Voices Continue to Volunteer through Undergraduate Career Importance of fostering campus and community connections A Different Perspective Family Voices Personal View Reflective View Monique Bryson
Family Voices Coordinator
WICC Americorps*VISTA
UW Graduate, Community and Nonprofit Leadership Historic View Keep the FAMILY apart of Family Voices Thank You Family Involvement in South Side Planning Initiatives Issue Identification Pilot Boyd Rossing
Emeritus Professor
Interdisciplinary Studies Department
School of Human Ecology The Beginnings Goals Seminar Elements “Three most important things I learned from being a mentor-tutor is to be patient, think outside the box, and that I can always learn more about myself from other people.” International Day To enhance their impact on children and youth by strengthening mentor-tutoring skills and knowledge Deepen the Mentor-Tutors understanding of important issues impacting families in the S. Madison area Provide feedback that could be used for overall Family Voices program improvement Support Mentor-Tutors in growing professionally, civically and personally from an on-going reflection on their mentor-tutoring experience. •Held On site at the Boys & Girls Club •Alternate Saturdays following Mentor-Tutoring Sessions (1.5 hours) •Reflective Journaling •Reflective Journaling/Problem-Solving Exchange •Course Readings and Speakers and Discussions focused on Issues of Urban Education •Input and Feedback on Family Voices Programming “[I learned] never to jump to conclusions—such as assuming what a child should know because
you can make them feel intimidated if they don’t know the right answer. If I ever go into childhood education, I will take into account all children have different backgrounds and different learning styles.” Family Voices
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