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Ms. Hunscher-Young's Personal Timeline (version 3.0)

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Joslyn Hunscher-Young

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Ms. Hunscher-Young's Personal Timeline (version 3.0)

Ms. Hunscher-Young's Personal Timeline (version 3.0)
1996, 16 YBW
In third grade, I participated in my first field hockey practice. Although I threw up my lunch at that first practice, it was the start of an amazing lifetime experience. I played field hockey from that day until now. Playing the sport has taught me more about myself, how to interact and work collaboratively with others, how to lead, and how to manage my time to allow for academics and athletics. Now, I am still a player with the club team at the University of Michigan, and I have served as a team captain and a coach of younger players. Without field hockey, I would not be as consistently active in my own life, nor would I have met some of my lifelong friends.
6-4 YBW
I attended Swarthmore College from 2006-2010, and this was an incredibly important and formative experience for me. Swarthmore challenged me to think deeply about world issues and gave me the opportunity to try out different solutions to some of those problems. In particular, I was able to start and run a video production summer program for teens, which helped solidify my interest in teaching. I also studied abroad in Spain for a semester, which improved my Spanish abilities and helped me better understand different cultures and expectations. I still stay in touch with many of my friends from college, and they help to support me through challenges, think about problems, and keep myself healthy and laughing throughout life. These people and my experiences in college greatly affected who I am, how I view the world, and what I am doing with my life as an educator.
2012, 0 YBW
After moving back from China suddenly, I was able to start working at WIHI as a graduate assistant. I soon realized that the school was exactly what I was looking for in the U.S. It had an international and open-minded focus, a student body that was thoughtful, caring, and inquiring, and a small but dedicated faculty that wanted to make a difference in education. I was lucky enough to get hired the following year, which was also the first year of WIMA. I love my job because of all the things previously mentioned as well as the amazing students, opportunities to think critically about and improve my teaching practice, and the supportive community I’ve found in the students, teachers, and parents at WIMAHI. Starting at WIHI made me want to stay in education and stay in southeast Michigan.
2001, 11 YBW
I vividly remember sitting in a portable classroom for my 8th grade history class on September 11, 2001. We had just finished projects where we had to interview older generations about world events that changed their lives, so I interviewed my dad about what it was like when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Then, in the middle of the school day, we were all told that we were going home, my mom came to pick me up even though I could have easily walked home. Back at our house, I remember watching some of the news and just seeing the Twin Towers burning. There was so much shock across the country and the world, and I wasn't entirely sure what it mean. However, this event helped me to recognize the many ways in which our world is interconnected and to begin to think about my identity and role as an American. What did I want our country to be? How could I help get us to be a more peaceful and just world? The following year, I participated in several anti-war protests in Ann Arbor and was part of an organization called Students for Peace, which stemmed from the September 11 attacks and also helped me recognize the importance of standing for what you believe and taking action towards peace and justice in our world.
2009, 5 YBW
President Barack Obama was inaugurated while I was studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. This was a momentous occasion for the USA and for the entire world in some ways. As I watched his inauguration, I realized the extreme pressure and hope placed on our new American president from a variety of other countries. People in Spain and across Europe and other parts of the world were hoping that President Obama would bring the hope and change he promised while running for office. To me, this showed the interdependence of today's societies because countries could actually hope and understand that what happens across an ocean could still affect them and their lives. In many ways this re-emphasized the importance of cultural awareness and international understanding for me, and watching this inaugeration while I was abroad may have have also led to my desire to travel to help myself better understand other cultures and their hopes, fears, and ways of living.
2012, 0 YAW
After teaching and living in Shanghai, China for a year, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was one of the first major and tragic events I experienced back in the United States. This was an incredibly devastating event for everyone, but I think as a teacher, it scared me even more. Schools are supposed to be safe, wonderful places of learning, and for the Sandy Hook community that trust and sense of safety has been forever compromised. Although I still knew I wanted to teach, this shooting brought up questions for me about what I am and am not willing to do for my job. How far will I go to protect students? How much am I willing to risk given my own family at home? Is that OK? Furthermore, this shooting, along with the many other shootings we have had before and after Sandy Hook, made me question the insistence we have on guns in our country. In China, I would occasionally hear about a stabbing, but most people lived because the person was stopped before being able to kill anyone. It was (and is) drastically different in the US where many people have guns that can kill quickly and easily.
First Field Hockey Practice
September 11 Attacks
Attending Swarthmore College
First Inauguration of President Obama
Starting at WIHI
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
On July 4, 2015, I married my partner of 10 years, my high school sweetheart, and my best friend. This wonderful day was the outward representation and confirmation of the longstanding relationship and partnership I have with my husband. He is incredibly supportive, challenges me when I need to be challenged, and is a fantastic chef. Getting married was a fantastic day because everyone I loved was around me and helped me celebrate the official union of me and my husband. Although this relationship would still be there if we had not officially gotten married, having my husband in my life has helped me to think critically, care deeply, and live thoughtfully. Without him, I would probably also not live in southeast Michigan because we both grew up in Ann Arbor, so it was an easy choice to live here to be close to our families.
2015, 3 YAW
Getting Married
Becoming a Parent
2017, 5 YAW
On April 12, 2017 my amazing twin daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, were born at the University of Michigan hospital. It was exhausting, but so incredible to finally be able to hold my two, healthy girls. It was a surprise to find out I was going to have twins and after a small scare with the pregnancy in January, it was amazing to me that my girls made it through so seemingly easily. Lots of twins are born prematurely and have a host of medical complications as a result, but my girls were basically full-term babies and did not have any major issues. Since then, my life has obviously changed. Now, I am more focused on maintaining balance in my life so I can reserve time for my family. I am also able to function on much less sleep than I thought I could before. But, I realize that I am also more concerned about the decisions I - and other adults - make and how they influence our future. I worry about how global warming, lack of support for public education, and questions about health care might negatively impact my daughters' lives. Although I was concerned about these issues before having kids, now that I am a parent, it seems even more important to me, and I hope it will help propel me to take more action in the future (once I get a bit more sleep and figure out the work-home life balance previously mentioned).
O: Photograph taken by one of my wedding guests as I left after my wedding ceremony on July 4, 2015 in Ann Arbor, MI. Posted on Facebook.
P: To document the moment we left and the celebration of our marriage.
C: I/my husband seem happy, dressed up; we have flowers and can be seen outside of a building.
V: Marriage may have still been important for many people in the 21st century since people were celebrating it, blowing bubbles, and taking pictures.
L: Since photographer is a friend of the people in the pictures, it might be biased to be more favorable towards them (may have been edited to make them look better). Since photo was posted on Facebook, we can again assume it might have been edited or selected to showcase only the positive moments of the day.
O: Personal email correspondence with Mr. Bert Okma and Ms. Kelly Cartwright, October 2012, saved as a PDF.
P: To inquire about a possible job at Washtenaw International high School and schedule a time to meet with the principal of the school.
C: I am interested in a job at WIHI, have a flexible schedule, and set up a meeting with Mr. Okma who was principal of WIHI at the time through communication with his administrative assistant, Kelly Cartwright.
V: We can tell that communication - even that about job inquires - happened through email in the early 21st century, that people who wanted jobs were likely often asked for their resumes, and that schools often had websites as well as fax and telephone numbers.
L: Because this email chain was written to try to get a job, it is likely that the language used and messages included in it are selected specifically for this purpose.
O:John Swaine, January 21, 2009, 10:48 AM GMT, The Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/4303525/Barack-Obamas-inauguration-Reaction-from-the-worlds-media.html
P: To document how different media outlets and journalists across the country wrote about President Obama's inauguration in 2009.
C: Lots of different journalistic writings about Obama's inauguration in 2009 - specifically from well known international news outlets.
V: We can see that there are a vast number of news outlets in the early 21st century, that people seem to get much of their news online, and that lots of countries covered the inauguration of the President of the USA.
L: The author has selected these news outlets and excerpts from their writing, so there may be other writings available that portray a different view of the inauguration. It is also likely that some of these excerpts have been translated from their original language to English, which brings up the possibility for translation error.
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