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Mythology of Supernatural Prezi

Prezi on Supernatural for CopperCon 31 in Avondale, AZ, September 3rd 2011

Nathan Brown

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Mythology of Supernatural Prezi

Mythology & Demonology
A Few Things...
Your beliefs are your own. Nothing in this presentation is meant to offend anyone's belief system.
This material is based on my own research, and is not endorsed by the creators of Supernatural
Despite what you may hear on the internet, I am not "A close friend of Jensen Ackles" ... so, I beg you, please don't ask me what he's like.
Angels in Supernatural
Why Castiel is NOT the "Angel of Thursday"
Zachariah: Supernatural's Angelic "Douche-Nozzle"
Joshua: Keeper of Heaven's garden
Demon Eye Colors
Black = basic demons/corrupted souls
Red = Crossroads Demons
White = Demonized "old gods" (Lilith, Alastair, Samhain, etc.)
Colored (not black & red, of course) = Fallen Angels (Azazel, Lucifer?, Balthazar?, etc.)
A "Kind-of-sort-of-real-alphabet-but-not-really" angelic symbols of Supernatural
Dee & Talbot (not Bela Talbot)
The story
The issues
Lilith is One Scary Bitch:
Lilith has been around longer than any other known mythical figure ... at least 5000 years
Huluppu tree myth = 3000 BCE, ancient Sumer & Akkad
Original Genesis myth (Alpha Bet of Ben Sira, Midrash texts, Zohar, etc.) = 500BCE, Judea
The Lilith Expulsion
Lilith as Demon:
Bride of Ashmodai
Bride of Azrael
Desert Queen & Mother of the lilum/lilin
Leviathan ... the Slant Serpent of Revelation
And guess what? Medieval to 19th Century artists were aware of Lilith's role in the Eden Story.
1210CE: Notre Dame
1502CE: Filippino Lippi's "Adam & Lilith"
1508-1509CE: Michelangelo's "Temptation of Adam & Eve"
1892: John Collier's "Lilith"
However ... this raises the question of how these artists knew about Lilith to begin with?
Nathan Robert Brown
Feuding Brothers Motif:
Lucifer vs. Michael
Cain vs. Abel
And then there's the whole "First Blade" thing
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