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Almost home

No description

jessica hatch

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Almost home

- Sugar and her mother are having some problems at home with keeping the house after the father disappeared. School is also a little bit of a challenge for sugar but Mr. B, the teacher, encourages her and helps her through. But When a horrible thing happens, Sugar and Reba keep their heads up when they become homeless.
Likes & Dislikes
Who i would recommend this to?
- I would recommend this to anyone who likes sad or books that realate to whats happening now.
- Will Reba get better and reunite with sugar and they get their own home or will Reba never get better and sugar has to stay with Lexie and Mac?
Almost home
Author: Joan Bauer

-Sugar is the main character

-She lives with her mother

-Personality: nice, and cares about others.
-She is sugars mother.

-Personality: Keeps to herself.
-She is sugars dog

-She was give in away by her old owner because she was poorly treated by the father.

-Shush is shy.
-This is sugars teacher.

-They keep in touch.

-He cares about sugar.
-At home

-At school

- At the shelter
-Time frame: now

-City: Chicago
-They move and shush comes into the family. They live at the Guernsey's house with Lexie and Mac who are friends of Reba's. They stayed there for a while until Reba got sick. She went to a hospital while sugar stays at the house with shush. Sugar gets very comfortable at the house with Lexie and Mac. She actually loves ti there.
- It was about a young girl that faced challenges with her head held high.

- It wasn't all about the main character it made it feel like every one was that important.

- The author made it seem alive and so true.
- It was a little questionable at points.

- It was kinda sad.

- Sugar and someone go back and forth between the house and the hospital and you can realy understand where they are.
Time period and city
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