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Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid

No description

Rob Moran

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid

Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
- No winners
- No clear line between good & bad
- Betrayal
- Biblical
- Women can survive violence but men are consumed by it.
- Polar Opposites and Mirror Images
Director: Sam Peckinpah

Quick Facts
Writer: Sam Wurlitzer

Stars: James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan

Year Released: 1973

Budget: 4,638,783 (Estimated)

Run time: 1:46 minutes

About The Director
Sam Peckinpah:

- Referred to as a "Life long Maverick"
- Temper mental Alcoholic
- Drug addict
- Potentially Undiagnosed Schizophrenic
- WWII Veteran

Also directed by Peckinpah

- Many Similarities to Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid

The Film In Context
- No clear line between Good and Evil

- Characters being polar opposites but finding that they are actually mirror images.
In Example
Expanding On Women & Violence
Expanding On Women & Violence
Short Analysis
Shot Breakdown
Pat garrett shoot's the mirror metaphorically shooting himself

Pat Garret is a Judas

Pat Garrett Rides of into the abyss - Kid stones him as he rides away
Mise en scene
Lighting: Mainly dark with some fill light on billy before he is shot

Background: Artificial until Pat Garett rides off

Sound: Non-Diegetic, Film Score - Bob Dylans "Billy" with some overtones of Kris Kristofferson saying "Jesus"

Mise En Scene Continued
Takes Place in a rural setting

Costumes: Billy is half naked while Pat is wearing black potraying billy as innoccent and helpless and Pat as a villain (by western standards)

Editing: Fast cuts from one charachter to the next. Also note charachters mostly potrayed in their own frame without other charachters in shot

From Our Readings
I chose todays reading - Ch.1 In Cawletti "The Six Gun Mystique"

- Spaghetti Westerns
>This is what inspired Peckinpah

- Western is the expression of the American myth
- Beginning in 1970 the western began a long decline.
More Info
- Released first in Hong Kong
- Filming Location: Durango Mexico
- Filmed in Metrocolor
The End!
Thank you for listening!
Billy The Kid Submits
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