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Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

No description

Bailey Torri

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Hero escapes (final chase)
The Magic Flight
Hero must bring the boon back to humanity, most don't want to return.
Refusal to Return
Indiana and Elsa get into the castle. They find the room where is dad is trapped. Indiana and Elsa go to the room next door. Indiana opens the window throws his whip so it wraps around the telephone wires. He swings from his whip to the building across the ally then across again and breaks the the window to the room where his dad is.
Meeting with the Goddess/ Atonement with Father
Road of Trials
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Woman as Temptress
The Return
Ultimate boon
Walter- Which one is it?
Third Knight- You must chose, but choose wisely, for the true grail gives you live and the false grail takes it from you.
Henry Sr.- Junior?
Indiana- Yes, sir.
Henry Sr.- It is you, Junior!
Indiana- Don't call me that, please.
Henry Sr.- Well, what are you doing here?
Indiana- I came to get you. What so you think?
Indiana and his father run out of the room into the room where Indiana left Elsa and find her held hostage by Ernest Volgel.
Indiana Jones has to go through three steps to make it to the Holy Grail. The first step he has to get past is two saw blades. The second, he has to believe in God so that he can walk across a canyon through thin air. The third step, he has to pick the right grail for the right grail gives you life and the false grail takes it from you.
Indiana Jones went through many different trials. Some of those were:
Finding the second knights shield
Saving his dad.
Getting out of the castle after being captured
Getting away from the planes
Saving Marcus
I think that his true trials were:
The hero must go through many trials before coming a true hero.
Meeting with the goddess: Someone who teaches hero important lessons. Similar to super natural aid.
Atonement with the Father: Hero reconciles with father.
Opposite of goddess, tempts hero to abandon adventure.
Apotheosis:When the hero reaches his full potential.
Ultimate Boon: Hero reaches his goal or realizes why he went on his adventure.
He gets through into the grail room were he has to chose a grail out of about a hundred grails.
When the hero reaches his full potential.
Indiana Jones gets through two of the traps and there is one more that he has to get through. He has to believe in God that God will help him wake across a huge canyon through thin air. I thought this was the apotheosis because became a better person so he could cross the canyon.
"There's only one way to find out"
Elsa grabs the grail and begins to cross the seal that the grail isn't supposed to cross. The temple begins to crumble and cave in. The grail and Elsa fall Indiana grabs Elsa and tells her to give him her other hand but she refuses to do so because she is trying to grab the grail.She falls to her death and Indiana falls trying to catch her. His dad grabs him. Tells Indiana to give him his other hand but Indiana is doing the same thing Elsa did. His dad tells Indiana to let it go and Indiana grabs his dad and gets pulled out.
Indiana, Henry Sr., Sallah, and Marcus make it out of the Temple alive. They get on their horses and ride off into the sunset.
Indiana- I like Indiana.
Henry Sr.- We named the dog Indiana.
Sallah- Your named after a dog? *laughs*
Rescue From Without
A plane is shooting at Indiana Jones and Henry Sr. Henry Sr. remembers his charleme and opens it scaring the seagulls. They fly into the plane which makes it crash.
"I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. 'Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky'."
-Henry Sr.
"I'm sorry but you should have listened to your father."
Hero is saved by someone they think is beneath them.
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