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egyptian social pyramid

social studies assignment

ethan shaw

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of egyptian social pyramid

Ancient Egyptian Social Pyramid egyptian social pyramid THE END made by: Ethan Shaw Top of the social pyramid The next part of the social pyramid is the priests, nobles, and government officials. These people were usually looked up to because they were very powerful people. Also, because they were powerful, not many people want to anger them. second on Egyptian social pyramid The next people on the social pyramid were artisans, traders, and scribes. Artisans were people that were very good at doing a particular job. They would often train other people to do the same thing as they did. Traders were people that would travel and bring in new items and exchange them for other items. Scribes were people who were skilled at writing. They would keep records of everything that happened in a trading business. The third class of people on the social pyramid At the top of the social pyramid is the pharaoh. The pharaoh is the leader of the civilization. It is like another name for a king. The pharaoh sometimes had a dynasty which is a long line of pharaohs all from the same family. Most pharaohs made statues and pyramids of themselves to be remembered. the fourth group of people on the social pyramid The next group of people on the social pyramid are the farmers of the civilization. These were the people that kept the citizens alive. The farmers grew crops and raised animals so that people could eat them when the animals were large enough. The last class of the social pyramid The last class of the social pyramid was the slaves. Most of the time the slaves were taken when a civilization took over another civilization and they took people back to their land to work for them. The slaves were not treated very well and barely got any food at all. If you were caught stealing food you would be harshly punished.
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